makeup rules .Complexion

Each woman chooses cosmetics in accordance with their preferences and predilections.There are many options for both day and evening make-up, which one to choose - depends including from the complexion.

To get the perfect skin tone, you must first test the foundation on the inside of your wrist - there skin color is the same as on the face.To tone went smoothly, it is necessary to put a dot, strokes, smearing every drop strictly top down.For loose powder will need a broad brush.

resistant foundation helps to mask the flaws.Silicon in its structure provide easy lifting.Apply tone slightly damp sponge - it will fall flat with a thin layer.Do not neglect the base makeup - the pearlescent particles will help to give the skin smoothness.

If you apply the cream for the tone, then wait until it is absorbed, otherwise the tone spots lie.If you like to mix the cream with the tone, do so not on the face and the palm.

Corrector camouflage skin imperfections and glare are arranged on the nose, cheekbones and und

er the eyebrows.

For monochrome makeup use cream blush, shadows and shine.

colored powder look like blush, but they are applied all over the face to improve skin tone and remove signs of fatigue.

For evening make-up it is necessary that the skin was glowing.But if the result did not want to shine, mix the agent with a shimmering creams.The skin glows from within.Secure the result shiny powder.

Otten cheekbones, chin and forehead bronze color - artificial light, it looks elegant.Bring the eye shadow color of cocoa.

For glare arrange accents at the temples and cheekbones.On powdered skin under the eyebrow to the temples, apply a drop of cream or a shining drop of universal gloss.The final touch - peach blush or powder on the cheekbones.

If you have tanned skin, then underline its shading gels with shimmering particles or powder on your skin tone is darker.Discard the rouge - tanned face they look too rude and pretentious.