Christams beauty recipes

Feel like a Queen: take a bath and put on the skin restoring mask.Then go through the body with a soft sponge soaked in a fragrant powder.Voltage disappears without a trace.If you have problem skin, now is go to a softer makeup.Put podsushivayuschee tonics until next year.Skin moisture is necessary to stock up - just one sleepless night, marked by alcohol and fatty foods, can injure a person.

Make pedicure

As practice shows, at the last moment about the legs, we completely forget and remember when - already too late.In just a few days, the New Year is still possible to carve out a moment on the foot massage and time to paint your nails in the most daring color.

Contrary kinotraditsii in bath 31st better not to go.Firstly, if you have sensitive skin, it can show!redness and spots.And secondly, after a bath, most of us falls into complacent drowsy and hardly be able to survive the festive night.

water Refreshing Facial save our skin from the drought.Simply spray the can at a distance of 20 cm f

rom your face and enjoy the freshness of the morning dew or waterfall spray.Your make-up at the same time did not suffer.

Half an hour - it is the minimum time that we need to prepare for the holiday.The half an hour would be enough if the entire order is ready, stacked hair, make-up and pre-thought out and concise.

If time remains very little make-up, try to make focus on one thing - the lips or eyes.Habitual, the idea that the holiday we should look bright, misleading.Modest makeup looks much more advantageous to a few hours after midnight, when the thick makeup loses its former appearance.

bright pearl eye shadow are indispensable for the holiday event.Put them under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye and the temporal bone - you will see how immediately freshened up your face.

Do not cover the glittering makeup all over your face.Slightly sparkling lip gloss over lipstick usual will suffice.