The color scheme of your makeup

What with what goes to pick up a color gamut which to choose?We offer several options for make-up, and based on them, you can dream up themselves.

In fact, makeup is very large role played by fashion.Of course, there are makeup at all times.For example, a business, or a romantic classic makeup.But there are always some fashionable colors in make-up, fashion is one or another manner draw arrows (think 60-70 years), in fashion includes plucked eyebrows, on the contrary, natural, lips in a fashion that bow, thechubby ... And such examples are many.What is important it must be remembered, in spite of fashion trends?

great importance in the make-up plays a color.Eye shadow, blush, lipstick can be in the cold range: gray, purple, blue, blue, purple - and warm, gold, peach, pale pink.

«cold» colors create a purely visual sense of depth view."Warm" colors create an illusion of relief.Red and green - a color transition.They can then be cold, then warm, depending on what color they surround.For example, red ne

xt to purple or violet appears warmer than in the neighborhood of the yellow and orange.The green is surrounded by yellow cooler than near the purple.

In principle, it is possible to make up combined heat and cold range, but if you are not sure that what goes, do make-up in any one range, or warm, or cold, so you will not go wrong.Do not forget that the colors used in makeup, should match your color type and approach to clothing.

Here are some examples of unmistakable color combinations.In each case, we will take two tones of shadows, blush and lipstick.In all cases, the darker shade applied to the outer corner of the eye and lighter - on the inside.

1. Light cold gamma.Choose eye shadow very light pinkish-lilac color (it should look "cool") and dark gray (not black).Pink blush (tone should be "chilly") and cold ash-pink lipstick.

2. Average cold gamma.Take a shade of dark ash-pink color, very dark gray-blue shade.Blush should be the color of dry red rose.Lipstick choose dark pink and plum.

3. Dark cold gamma.Take the purple and dark purple shade.Blush color dry roses and red and maroon lipstick.

4. Bright warm gamma.Choose a very light shade of gray and brown eye shadow, blush brownish-pink color and golden lipstick.

5. Average warm gamma.We take a very light shade of peach-colored and dark golden-brown shade, pink-brown blush and light brown lipstick.

6. Dark warm gamma.We need a very light shade of peach color and shadow color marsh, brown blush and "warm" brown lipstick.

7. You can choose a neutral range.For this we use a very light, almost white shadows and shades of black, brownish-pink blush and a light brown lipstick.

color eye make-up can be selected, based on the color of their iris.On the lower lid, apply a thin brush shadows whose color matches the color of your iris, so you will emphasize the eyes.

These are recommendations.Choose the color scheme that suits you, and you always will be irresistible.