Rules applying makeup

Makeup is always superimposed on the same pattern, whether it is on the day of its form or the evening comes, it does not matter where you are going - for a walk or to a banquet at the market or at the disco, in any case, when dealing with cosmetics, youYou must abide by certain rules.This is important if you care about your health and loving attitude to their appearance, you never release any of the stages of applying makeup.

offer you a diagram of the process.

For most women, applying make-up - the procedure is the most common and almost daily, but if you for some reason, still painted correctly, we advise you to change the habit.Proper application of make-up - the guarantee of health and youth of your skin.Thus, the act should be in stages.

1. The first thing you need to clean the face.If we talk about the morning make-up, the owners of normal skin enough simply washing: You can use special gels that do not dry the skin.Women with dry skin can simply rinse the face with cool water.But for those wh

o have oily skin, be sure to need to clean the face lotion or cosmetic milk, using for this purpose cotton pads with a small amount of money.

"Makeup does not tolerate fuss: to deal with it with full dedication, and only when you have free time in this case, the effect will certainly be good.."

If a woman wants to perform a complex make-up and (or) proceeds to its application after workday, face lotion purification procedure it has to perform in any event, whatever type it may skin possessed.This is the first rule - the facial skin should be prepared for further action!

2. Immediately after washing or cleaning facial cosmetic product should moisten it, because it evaporates from the skin, tightens its unpleasant water, may also be peeling., It is necessary to use a moisturizer to prevent this from happening.Blot with a face and moisture, massaging the skin with your fingertips, "drive in" in her cream.It should not be too put pressure on the skin, it reflected badly on it: you can stretch it, causing sagging and sagging, and your face will age prematurely.Be careful, your movements should be light and fluffy.

especially should specify the following point: use special creams for different areas of the face!Special care requires delicate area around the eyes.Perhaps if you have a mixed skin type, you will need a separate cream for the T-zone and a moisturizer.Women with oily skin moisturizer prefer a matte effect, and those who have not yet passed the youthful acne, - antibacterial.

There are moisturizers with a dense texture and fluid, with sun effect and with reflective particles, in the form of a mousse.You have to choose the right cosmetic products suitable for your skin type and satisfy your requests.Only you can take care of your face.

Make-up artists are advised to never apply the cream on the upper eyelid, it is heavier it.Apply on this area only special tools and strictly for the massage lines.Do not stretch the skin, do not force it, do not rub the cream into the lower eyelid - "drive in" it, easily tapping fingers.

And before using a new cosmetic product for sensitive skin around the eyes is to test how it responds to your body: apply the cream (or gel) onto the inner surface of the wrist or elbow fold and leave.If after a few hours on the site does not appear redness or swelling, it is likely that cosmetics for you.Still, your eyes may react negatively to the new cream.In this case, simply refuse to use it.Remember that allergies can be as cheap cosmetics, and on the road (although the last is much less).

3. The third stage - the imposition of makeup, "decoration" of a person.Can this process be divided into two parts - masking weaknesses and underscore the merits.Of course, both sides are inextricably linked, they flow into each other.In fact, it is difficult to say exactly what you are doing, putting primer on the face, thereby aligning its color: hide flaws or demonstrate their strengths.Whatever it was, a competent makeup will allow you to do something, and more.

to cosmetics was not looking at your face, "stucco", when applied to it, you must comply with certain conditions.First, take care of the right light: to create a make-up day is needed daylight, and for the evening - artificial lighting.This is logical: we must remember the purpose of make-up and its main problems.Happy sharp lines and intense colors will look unnatural and even vulgar, but at night soft pastel colors make up a day lost in the glare of lamps.Everything has its time and place.This should be remembered, putting makeup.

second important rule applying makeup - hygiene.It would seem that it is so much talk, which once again is not worth repeating.But is it?Answer a simple question: how often do you wash your sponzhik and applicator?Is it always perfectly clean your hands when you take up a brush or cosmetic sponge?How long have you use mascara, lipstick, powder?

As practice shows, not all comply with basic hygiene requirements.But in this case it is not surprising that the skin deteriorates, flakes, covered with red spots.And when the next time you begin to make-up application, remember the saying, all known since kindergarten: cleanliness - the guarantee of health.It is a fair statement.

And, of course, make up only decorates a woman when it is appropriate.Kras is necessary in the circumstances, that is. E., So that it was beautiful, of course, and to the place.Even the most effective make-up can not "sound": you know, it is ridiculous to go hiking with brightly painted face, with an evening make-up, you will look out there like a white crow.And at a party you will look dull and depressing with a natural, unobtrusive makeup.So make your conclusions.

Makeup makes a woman interesting, focusing on its advantages and disadvantages gently retouching.With the help of makeup can hide minor skin imperfections: redness, vascular "stars" and spider veins, enlarged pores, small scars and marks of acne.Also makeup helps a woman increase her eyes, make them deep and expressive, adjust the shape of eyebrows, lips change (decrease thick and thin to give bulk).

professional makeup artist is subject to much: he is able to turn a "gray mouse" in the "princess", a woman looks ordinary - a beauty.Impose makeup - a real art, but you can learn it.The main thing - do not hurry, be careful and attentive.Makeup does not tolerate fuss: to deal with it with full dedication, and only when you have free time.In this case, the effect is obviously good.