How to choose the right perfume

Choice flavor - the process of meditation, so do not make a fuss, hurry to produce samples "casually" - so you no good choose, just be wasting your time and money.

In no case do not choose perfumes after drinking, after excessive smoking, after a sharp, spicy food - and the smell you get is not what you need pepper, garlic and other strong spices alter perception and taste.Even after the coffee break by at least half an hour.

Avoid hassles.Find a restaurant, which serves to sit where there is no crowding and the hubbub of crowds of shoppers, the atmosphere should be calm.

If you feel unwell, cold or headache - postpone the purchase, you can not appreciate the smell right.

Be yourself, do not make a choice just because you tells girlfriend or advises your boyfriend.Perhaps he was simply tired and wanted to get back home to the TV?Remember - use perfume will you, and not someone else, and to choose only you.In general, try to shop alone, without advisers and assistants.Merry Company - bad help in such

a responsible choice.

in serious shop offers scented strips of paper - "probes".If you pop in the nose plugs from bottles - do not buy here.But keep in mind - on paper, you will hear a third "base" note, one that will sound the longest.

When you have selected your "base" notes, go to the crucial test - apply perfume to your wrist.Yes, if the store is not allowed to apply perfume sample - go to another store.

should not sniff at once - sharp smell of alcohol and volatile components can distort the impression.Wait 15-20 minutes, let the smell of ripe and open the second, "heart" note.

Apply the perfume only on clean skin, without makeup (such as creams and lotions).Places of drawing spirits must be separated sufficiently from each other.Adopted the following application site: inside of your wrist, the inner side of the elbow.In any case, at a time it is not necessary to apply more than three varieties, more and more, you will not be able to evaluate!

Do not choose from too many flavors - you get confused, tired, and qualitative choice is not going to happen.Rate first 5-7 paper slips, probes and select from 2-3 odor on the skin.

"In no case do not rub inflicted spirits! So you just ruin the song! Let them dry out for yourself!"

here and would require a consultant, who previously, would determine after talking to you about your preferences, your predominant perfume "image" andI would suggest that those same 5-7-probe strips would help correct cause skin tests and would entertain a conversation of 20 minutes until there is ripening odor.A good consultant will not evaluate the smell - to decide well for you or not, you ought to do.

In the absence of a consultant you have (unless, of course, you have seriously decided to choose for themselves a holiday) to repeat the selection procedure several times, and the selection of your own, the best spirits can drag on for months and years.Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of consultants.