makeup rules .Makeup for middle-aged women

sharper with age indicated by wrinkles, age spots appear, show through the blood vessels, the skin becomes loose, there is a second chin.In this connection, make-up should not be flashy and bright.The best option - natural light tone.

The work on the make-up can not only refresh the face, but also to correct by using a special pencil and dark powder minor flaws.Naturally, they will remain, but the decorative techniques illusion can be removed from their accent, moving attention to other details of the face.

Begin to make glossing over camouflage pencil wrinkles, age spots, freckles.

person powdered using powdered natural color, with dark powder adjusted oval face, hiding the laxity of the lower jaw and the second jaw.It is best to use loose powder - she gently caresses the skin giving it a matte finish used is more convenient than a compact.

tone should not be applied as it settles into wrinkles.Face refreshing pink blush.Them in a small amount, is applied to the cheeks.

Eyes use light colors and s

hadows, as the bright, intense will look deliberate.

All lines must not be sharp, so that after a line or spot coating color must be carefully shade them.On the mobile eyelid should be using the applicator or brush impose a lighter shade of calm - light beige, silver-gray, blue-gray.In combination with pink blush, they will enliven the eye.If you apply a dark blue, dark brown, dark green shade will look sunken eyes, sunken, his face will be felt a certain heaviness.

form thick, dark eyebrows can be corrected by using tweezers.If light eyebrow tint them using contour pencils - brown, gray, burgundy.Eyebrows best to paint on top of the fast movements sketchy, eye socket must not be closed overhanging brows, it should be open, as the focus of the eye make-up is done on the upper eyelid.

tint eyelashes using black, brown, blue mascara.Color mascara can choose at will or depending on the eye color.Color lipstick is selected based on the color of blush.You can make using a different range of colors and shades.

When the evening make-up after the usual preparation of the face and applying a thin layer of pitch on the moving part of the upper eyelid, easily carried out with a brush or applicator, applying the golden-brown shade.

By pursuing a line the lash line outline with a pencil and shade.Podbrovnogo space also cover beige pearl shades.Lower eyelid slightly stained brown shadows, the contour line is not carried out.Eyelash dye ink.On the cheekbones with a brush is applied pink-apricot blush.Lips encircle the outline with a pencil and then stained with lipstick.

The age makeup can vary cosmetics and diversify the range of colors, but in any case it should be soft and natural look.

colors of shadows:

- for blue eyes blue, dark blue, brown and pink, pink, white pearl (and black contour pencil)

- for brown eyes: purple, dark purple, brownish pink, pink, pinkpearl (and black pencil outline)

- for green eyes: olive, dark green, brown, terracotta, mother of pearl, ivory (and black pencil outline),

recently, instead of glasses worn contact lenses.In this case the make-up should be carried out by means comprising non-allergenic formulations.

for coloring eye using creamy products (eyeshadow), brushes or sponges.Shadows on the lids are applied in thin layers.To powder did not get between the contact lens and the cornea, shadows zapudrivayut.Soft pencil on the lash line perform eye rims.For eyelash use a water-soluble ink, but it is better not to dye eyelashes.When removing make-up lens is removed.Using the lens, you need to be careful and orderly in makeup.