Soirée maquillage

come together to eat, you should look unusual, so allow yourself to dream a little - how to look not just good, but excellent.

day you want to look naturally beautiful, and this limits the range of colors.In the evening, it is better to bright, sophisticated make-up: a much more effective under artificial light or candle light look unusual color combinations and unusual arrangement of flowers.

Evening make-up depends on the coverage and events.For example, a fancy make-up will be inappropriate on a picnic, and a thin, lost in a natural flare lights in the disco club.As the color of your feelings before you open even more exciting prospects.If

risky idea came to your mind, be sure to try it out it in advance, but in any case, not five minutes before the start of the evening.If possible, check the finished version with appropriate lighting.Remember and about the possible limits of makeup - it should not leak, smeared, change the color, require doctored or irritate the skin.

Glitter and sequins - the

fastest and easiest way of turning everyday makeup in the evening.To create a shimmering effect complement conventional lipstick gloss.Adorable little Warm, putting a small amount on your palm, then gently brush to apply the already existing on the lips lipstick.Cover their cheeks, the eyebrows and the skin under the central part of the century.There

dry shade and blush with sequins.They are applied to the substrate without completely or when they want to obtain a greater effect.

Each cosmetic kit should be gold or silver shade of gold is suitable for anyone, silver looks particularly impressive on the pale skin.They can be applied on the eyelids, on the lower lip, cleft in the upper lip, on the temples, shoulders and hands, if you want them to pay attention.

Gold Dust looks great on the ear lobes and their hair, especially if the latter pulled back.

pearlescent shades give a very bright shine and lie flat, dense layer.Try to use multi-color shadows, shimmering in the rays of light.

sequins are found in different versions, for example, in the form of small gold stars.You can use the tiny pearls, finishing the old dresses, rhinestone, shine with Christmas cards.Even fluorescent stars and the moon to decorate children's rooms.Attach them with glue for false eyelashes.If

day basis should be in harmony and you can experiment with natural skin color, add it in the evening.Apply gorgeous bronze color with a damp sponge in the face and all exposed parts of the body, then lightly powder the.In this case it is better not to wear a dress of white or black color to avoid staining.

If you want to skin looked dazzlingly white, apply a light foundation with talc.Much more difficult to achieve this on the skin of the shoulders and arms, however, and it is possible, if the skin is light and without sunburn.

Select a shade of unusual colors, using as a starting point, let's say, the color of the dress, the hair, eyes or skin tone trivial.

blue-eyed women are very bronze and gold tones, and brown-eyed - purple and violet-purple.But try not to be bound by these recommendations.Wide range of colors ensure a water-soluble pastels.You may need to warm them slightly in order not astringent.If you have a predisposition to allergies, try to use only the appropriate cosmetics.

When choosing unusual colors to remember about their compatibility, so a beginner is better to take three shades of the same basic color.Eyebrows and eyelashes look very impressive, if they apply mascara with the darkest shade of color you have chosen.Enter an optional color, you can balance the rest of your makeup.For example, celadon perfectly combined with apricot and terracotta, and, shades of blue - from pure red and pink tones.

If you want to use make-up day for the evening, it is necessary to strengthen, as artificial light .pozvolyaet use more intense colors, deep color contrasts and clear lines.

with pencil and shadow, you can dramatically change the shape of the eyes.Do not interfere, and two additional layers of mascara on the eyelashes can stick false eyelashes.

When evening makeup is best to change the shape of the mouth.Try to optically enlarge the lips - the upper or lower sensual.Gusto prime the natural lip line and then apply lipstick with a brush.If you have a beautiful mouth, beat him, covering the bright lipstick and extra shine.Blush darker shades will help you emphasize the line of the cheekbone.You can enhance the shine, causing the entire face instead of powder light shades with sparkles.

If you have a velvety skin, try to keep it matte heavily powdered face.Apply around the eyes smoky shadows, and for ever - dark brown.Touch up the eyelashes and lips (and then blot).