A variety of cosmetic products

The group of cosmetic products intended for personal care (as opposed to medical) includes: toilet soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and elixirs, refreshing lotions and toilet water, shaving creams, deodorants, etc.

Creams..- the most common form of cosmetic products.They represent mixtures of various scented fats and fat-like substances with water.Depending on the amount of water contained in them are classified into liquid creams and thick emulsion.

apply the cream to cleanse, soften and nourish the skin, as well as therapeutic effects when dry and oily skin, acne, aging skin, for the treatment of scalp and others. For more effective actions creams in their composition add various biologically active substances,such as vitamins (mainly A and E), extracts and tinctures of herbs (St. John's wort, yarrow, aloe, nettle, hops, marigold, mother-and-stepmother, burdock, oak bark, and so on. p.), medical apilak hydrolysates,enzymes and other substances, a positive effect on metabolic processes in the skin, hair

, nails.

Available creams and special purpose: to protect from sunlight and adverse weather;creams, skin whitening, as well as recommended for the prevention of certain skin diseases, such as acne;to strengthen the hair, dandruff destruction;. Protective hand creams and other skin

soap - 80% are made up of fatty acids;moreover, they include fatty additives -. lanolin, spermaceti, glycerol, etc. These oils are known as superfatted and are used mainly for washing, dry skin, hands and body.Shampoos

as detergents for hair have a significant advantage over the toilet soaps as not give a precipitate with calcium salts and magnesium water;they can be used with hard water.

lotions and toilet water is recommended for skin care face and body, for its purification and refreshment.Available in lotions and toilet water, some acids (citric acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, boric) helps restore the normal acid reaction of the skin.

Produce and special lotions, deodorants, used to reduce sweating and irritating sweat, as well as to get rid of its smell (different for the skin of the body and legs).

Hair dyes.They relate to the means of decorative cosmetics, as well as nail polish and hair, eyebrow pencils, mascara and paste eyelashes, eyelids, blush, Grease and other means of decorative cosmetics produce of various colors -. From light to dark tones eachcolors.

Cosmetics, usually sold under the brand names, their composition, methods of application set out in the summary to each drug.