Make-up for blondes with blue eyes with photo

natural blonde - it's not such a frequent phenomenon on our planet.Statistics confirm that every year the number of people with a sunny color decreases.The blonde with blue eyes - our imagination immediately draws the air before his eyes the image.But even such unearthly in its appeal of creation sometimes want to enhance the effect of their appearance, giving it a natural brightness.A few rules of make-up for blondes with blue eyes (photo only to emphasize their loyalty) will help to emphasize the natural irresistible.

Three Pillars correctly executed makeup

Before proceeding to action, it is necessary to take into account three important rules.

  • Choice bases tone.
  • Selecting a color palette of shades.
  • Focus on the eyes.

choose and impose the tone

tonal foundation Choosing makeup for blondes with blue eyes (photo only confirms this), it is necessary to start from the natural skin color.The color of foundation or blends with your skin color or the lighter shade it.In the guise of fair-haired

girls a lot of light, so their appearance may seem faded and expressionless.To revive too pale skin, you can use the tonal foundation with a pinkish tinge.If the skin has a yellowish tint, preference should be given to the solid tone.

Before applying the pitch, prepare a face.He should wash his, cleanse and moisturize.Remains moisturizer wet cloth.All the shortcomings of the skin pre-corrector retouch.Only after these manipulations apply tonal foundation - the only way to ensure a smooth flawless complexion.

Choose a palette of colors for the eye and lip

determine the color is not an easy task.If we stick to the general recommendations, it emerges the following rule - a lighter shade of hair - a calm tone of color cosmetics.This rule applies primarily to the selection of cosmetics for the eyes and lips.Since the focus is on the face is given to them.

When choosing a paint palette also important to consider your tsvetotip.Blondes, too, come in different colors.The color of blond hair can vary from cold to warm sunshine ashy shades.

Cold tsvetotip face

you treat cold tsvetotipu - makeup palette should also be cool tone makeup.

  • silver, gray, blue shadows.
  • light gray ink.
  • pink or coral shades for the lips means.

This is the optimal combination of colors for the girls of this type.Bright black arrows or explicitly released on his face black mascara will look in this context vulgar.

Warm tsvetotip

makeup blonde with blue eyes (the photo of the finished make-apa vsrechayutsya in specialized women's magazines), belonging to the warm tsvetotipu best suited cosmetics peach and golden hues.

  • Eye shadows in peach tones.
  • gray or brown mascara.
  • golden shades of lipstick.

Do not immediately rush to clearly and strictly implement these recommendations.After all, nature does not provide division by tsvetotip.This division is very conditional, so easily subject to correction.Do not be afraid to try and make mistakes - so you pick unique in his personality makeup.

Creating accents

Classic makeup for blondes with blue eyes (photo different characters are well represented in the spaces of the Internet), has its own accents.

eyes and make-up for blondes

When, after much agonizing doubts and have decided on the color palette of cosmetics, make-up starts to impose an already prepared person with tonal basis.

most important thing - it is an expressive look.Therefore, great attention should be paid to eye make-up.Shielding eyebrow contour (blondes are usually the same light as the hair) color shades of olive.This shade will look more natural.On the movable portion of the upper eyelid, the inner corner of the eye and lower eyelid impose shade light shades.This method will create a visual effect of "open eyes".

next tone shadows superimposed on the middle part of the century and in the crease between the mobile and the fixed part of it.The darkest tone is applied to the upper part of the century with the outside eye.

Mascara, arrows give a special expressive look.The only indisputable rule for blondes in this case: "There is no black color!"

Lips Lips with bright eyes should look a little more modest and not to compete with them on the pretentiousness.Gloss or lipstick natural pinkish, coral or golden tones.His tone lipstick girls define their own trial and error.This article only indicates the right direction, which is wise to look for.