Women's beauty secrets .Some subtleties of lipstick

Sociologists have found that men (or at least most of them) pay attention primarily on the lips, not his eyes.The other men were equally divided: one of them critical eye, the other - a common expression.70% of men answered that they do not care, made up of a woman lips or not.25% strongly opposed her painted lips (so be it, the brilliance, and transparent, this part of the male population agree).And only 5% of welcome painted lips.

When asked what caused the association in men plump bright red lips, almost all said that these lips are associated with health, sexuality and vulgarity ....Think about it, beauty with bright red lips.And in general, how many people - so many opinions and, as we know, is not always and sociologists are right.But what always and everywhere need the measure and taste - no doubt!

Some subtleties lipstick

• Cold shades of lipstick at the cold light will make your face a sickly bluish.In the warm light (eg candlelight) lips, painted brown or dark red lipstick (or shades of

lipstick as such), will look almost black.

• Dark shades of lipstick and reduce the old face, and light - visually enlarge the lips and youthful face.

• If a person is thin and narrow, it is necessary to tint the lips a shiny lipstick - it will make a soft oval face.

• Lips with curved contours and clearly traced bad look on his round face.

• Usually emphasize one thing: either the eyes or the lips (rarely both - only if it is necessary and justified by the situation).Therefore, in order not to look like a decorated dolls, decide in advance what you want to emphasize - eyes or lips.

• Yellowish teeth (from nature or from smoking - it does not matter) will look more yellow if to make up lips red or maroon lipstick.

Applying lipstick

Sometimes lips before staining can be applied to "pad" the pencil outline from white to black (except green, which neutralizes red).Lining can be used as a method of coloring the lips, it is better to hold the lipstick.

Basic rules for the use of lipstick :

1. lipstick should match your color type.

2. From 17 to 25 years old are allowed any experiments with color lipstick.After 25 years of a lipstick color should be approached with caution:

a) a magenta tone dangerous, since it "dampens" the person, it is only valid under the lilac toilet;

b) sufficiently intense looks at the "Fall" and "summer" type of grayish-brown lipstick.Universal color - burgundy, neutral;

c) if the cold-type woman and make-up in warm tones - use neutral lipstick;

g) if the toilet in red tones, lipstick should be red (whether enhanced or diluted, but the shade should match exactly);

d) for the bride and for older women to be equally good bright pink lipstick;eyeliner tone in tone (a sharp pencil is used for evening make-up for everyday makeup - soft pencil) pencil slightly darker (or obtuse clear line - in this case the lips will look more prominent).