skin Nutrition

purpose of nutrition of the skin - the preservation and maintenance of skin elasticity, prevents premature aging and wrinkles.At present, the cosmetic market is filled with a huge number of cosmetic products intended to nourish the skin.Therefore, when choosing a need to know the action of each of them on the skin of some type.

Here are some general tips concerning issues of skin nutrition.

• For a long time (1-2 months) to use the same cream is not recommended, t. To. The skin there is addictive and the effect is reduced.Creams should also change depending on the season.

• For a more effective operation of the cream is applied to the moistened face immediately after treatment or applying a wet swab, t. To. The water contributes to the rapid penetration of the cream into the skin.

• All active components are absorbed into the skin within an hour, so before going to bed, always remove the excess cream.

• It is not allowed the use of force when applied to the face and neck every cream.

• All biocream can be used only after 35 years.The liposomal cosmetics helps to restore the already aging skin.

• And the most important thing.It is important to not only choose effective drugs for you personally, and take care of your face on a daily basis, with him in the morning and evening for at least 5 minutes.

it possible to "overfeed" skin?Some women are afraid that their skin due to "spilled" the abundance of active substances, and cease to work itself, if one day it deny the power.Others note that the skin becomes so voracious that it did not have time to feed the creams.

And, indeed, the skin can be cosmetic, "a drug addict."This occurs when the care product contains substances which, while making the surface of the skin more elastic, but covertly irritate her.And as soon as the skin is deprived of this product, irritation, are still smoothed cream, begin to appear in the form of tension and other unpleasant phenomena.They disappear once again applied the previous cream.

In this case, help is only a change of medication.When excessive "voracity" of the skin to creams, creams recommended to consistently change, reducing the content of fat, that is. E. Every day applied to the skin a new cream with less fat than before, and some time to opt out of nourishing creams.Easy feeling of tension for the first time - fine.