makeup rules .Applying blush

Applying blush - a procedure which requires the greatest of caution.The main thing - do not get involved too much "fresh", it is always better to put rouge less than more.There are women who do not need blush, but for many, this procedure is indispensable, especially for women with pale (bloodless) a person or persons, if necessary, adjust.

Blush can be dry and greasy.Fatty rouge is used less frequently.If you are using fatty blush, then they need to be applied to lip service.Many prefer dry blush that are better and more even lie to your face.

well-chosen blusher few enliven the skin, and do not change it beyond recognition.Pink blush-beige suit all skin tones.Brownish, peach and beige blush should be used for make-up in warm tones, and pink - makeup in cold tones.There will be no mistake, if you pick up a rouge to match your favorite lipstick.Never use blush unnatural hue.On the face of it should look like a light show through the skin pinkish glow, and not as a paint stripe or "bulk apples."In the

old Russian girl rubbed cheeks beet, that's really where it was flushed!

Try to get fresh "Washed" skin tone.Wide smear should be applied on the cheek and a little below, but in any case do not "tiger" stripes on the top of the cheekbones.A little blush on the wings of the nose will make it more subtle.If you are "too far" with a blush, try to remove them with a clean brush or fingertip massaged cheekbone.Remove excess paint can also use a cotton swab with a bit of transparent powder.

Sometimes, not to apply blush, you can create the effect of "without rouge blush."In this case it is necessary to put a dark correcting means on the earlobes, tip of the nose, the chin, the ends of the eyebrows, the scalp separate point strokes.

rouge secret of success is that they change the person who is not struck.But for this you need to follow one important rule: if the blush become visible, it means that they have a lot.Blush should only refresh and enliven a person.

Some elegant women of the world lacks only one attribute makeup - blush.Cleverly put rouge - the most important thing in the shape of a woman.Indeed, too bright or dark blush - and you become like a doll.Too bright - and you have a sickly look.The secret of the most elegant shade of blush to match the shade of your cheeks after the gym or after a walk in the fresh air.