The right makeup with small eyes and drowned centuries

For owners of small eyes and drowned century is especially important to learn the right makeup to visually enlarge the eyes and look beautiful in any situation.To do this, we offer you a few simple beauty makeup secrets.

Makeup with recessed centuries

So, what can not be done with make-up, if you drowned forever?

only the surface of the skin, which can be applied to cosmetics, is the area under the eyebrow and lower eyelid, as the recessed upper eyelid in the eye socket.Therefore, a good note, and in any case does not lead round eyes!Otherwise, black contours underline sagging skin above the eye sockets, and visually reduce the eye.

How do makeup?

You need to use colored shadows, thin as Kaya, but do not rub them, because the eyelid with open eyes sinking into the eye sockets.It looks good with white Kaya on the lower eyelid.

surface between the crease and the eyebrow should be set off carefully, but it is very easy.

for optical balancing shadow under the brow should necessarily be the shado

w side of the lower eyelid, preferably of a different color.

But the eyelashes need to make up mascara abundantly!

Makeup with small eyes

What not to do with the makeup small eyes?

If you have small eyes, when the makeup is necessary to strengthen the role of the eyebrows.

should remember that with small eyes, too, can not trace the lids and thick black border cast shadows.This makeup is only visually reduce the eye.

Before you start make-up, tidy eyebrows.If they are optically pressured from above the eyebrow lift the plucking.The hair fluff, growing under the brow, too, should be removed.Eyebrows should be a tint on the upper edge and not too thick.

How to do makeup small eyes?

For small eyes shadows are applied in broad strokes.The most positive impression produce soft brown, not very different from the tone of the skin.Almost need with small eyes - is the use of white Kaya on the lower eyelid.

To shadows were possible softer eyelids before applying the powder to be abundant.

'll have a little pokoldovat with tongs for eyelashes: beautiful bend further draw attention to them.