The colors of your makeup

Fashion - a piece changeable.Very often come into vogue different - and not very bright - colors.And even if this is not your color, so you want to be fashionable!But you should always remember that any color there are plenty of shades, and you have to just pick the color that suits you.

Take, for example, the color pink.If you have pale skin, it is best to use dark-pink tones.If your skin has a rather grayish hue, the foundation is better to choose natural color, but blush and lipstick should not be bright.

If the skin has a yellowish tint, it is also not contraindicated in the color pink, but it is better to choose from a range of cold.If you are tanned, perfectly accentuate tan light pink pearl lipstick and shadows.The only people who are contraindicated pink shade - it is those who have eyes swollen or under them there were dark circles, pink shadows can emphasize even more fatigue.

But the same pink color makeup requires a lot.Do not strongly powdering the face, for example.If you apply a pink b

lush, beware of sharp edges, and it will look vulgar and ugly.Sharp is also impossible to outline the lips.

If you choose a cool pink range, it does not hurt to know that it goes well with gray and blue colors.And if you fit the warm range, remember that its neighbors - brown tones.Warm range looks better during the day and cold - with artificial light.So go for it!

Or, say, pastel colors.They often come into vogue.It is a symbol of femininity, tenderness and charm.But these colors are not suitable for everyone.On the face of burning brunettes makeup, done in pastel colors, just lost.The same effect can be seen in natural blondes.They require brighter makeup.But in any case, because you can use the same color, but more intense, is not it?

In short, we must remember that we all have different shades of colors.Do not give up on anything.It makes sense to indulge in something that comes to fashion, just in case it does not match your age and style.And you can always find some kind of compromise.

If now the fashion for hair mascara, and you are over ... it does not mean that you can not use it.The question is only in what color to choose.Why when his brown hair not try mascara copper hair?

In general, everything is solved.The color is so versatile that you can always choose their fashionable range of color.Most of the colors are warm and cold gamut.Choose the one that is right for you!