Makeup for brown eyes for blondes

conventional wisdom of innocence and levity blondes sometimes leads to the fact that in an awkward position because men are considering.Blondes often show "aerobatics" both on the part of secular communication, and the ability to manipulate men.In addition, fair-haired women often have a fine artistic nature, they are romantic, tender and mysterious.Add to this the expressive brown eyes ─ and the man at the tender captivity!Speed ​​up the "surrender of" possible, using modern "bewitching" means.And with a competent cosmetics makeup occupy almost the first place in the art of seduction.

Literate makeup for brown eyes for blondes

blonde with brown eyes are quite rare, and the combination is attractive in itself.And if you pick up more and the "right tone" makeup, you can be absolutely confident in its appeal and irresistible.It should be noted that the makeup for brown eyes for blondes can not be the same for all fair-haired women.There are several basic shades of hair, and when applying makeup is nece

ssary to take into account.

brown-eyed beauties with light brown hair light more suitable and gentle makeup.Thus, soft pink or pale lilac tone eyeshadow combine well with gray and light brown shades of colors eyebrow pencil.

for brown-eyed woman with hair and golden wheat color more natural makeup look darker, deeper tone ─ purple or pink and purple.

Owners of luxury ashen hair are perfect eyeshadow golden brown.Gold and cream tones can be used for the application of shadows under the eyebrows.

In general, the make-up is selected on the principle of "do not disturb» ─ it is important to emphasize the natural beauty and not to violate it, and do not detract too bright colors and shades.

How to please himself in the mirror

To make up for brown eyes for the blonde beauty emphasized, should be prepared for it "soil» ─ look after a person.Before applying make-up you need a good clean skin lotion or tonic, in particular from the former make-up residues.To do this, select several minutes of precious morning time ─ usually apply makeup in the morning, then you need to take into account these "extra" minute and stand up a little earlier.By choosing the cleaning cosmetics should be taken very seriously, because it affects the color of the skin and health.The treated skin is processed nutrient or moisturizer.

Once the cream is absorbed completely, the skin easy to apply concealer, a little darker, about one tone of natural skin color.It will hide minor flaws.Apply the cream to be thin even layer, trying to put it evenly on the face and on the neck open to them was the same shade.You can use the proofreader for additional masking minor defects under the eyes and around them.Then, the powder should be applied to get rid of unnecessary gloss cream.If the skin is tanned, the powder is selected taking into account the sun.Blush applied last.Shades of light brown or yellow-pink look good when applying blush with a thin even layer on the right places.

course, take care of the good condition of the skin of the face and neck should always be, not only when applying makeup.It is important to choose a moisturizing and nourishing creams, given the condition of the skin and its type.The smooth face without wrinkles and defects sometimes speaks of a woman more than her personal data.Approaching the mirror, pleased to see him in a beautiful, well-groomed women who care about their appearance.And now, to enhance the effect, it remains very little ─ correctly "draw" the eyes.

Best makeup ─ it is the woman herself

Proper makeup application ─ is a special kind of art, but to learn it is not too difficult, and it is able to virtually every woman.There is a basic technique and following it, the woman will become the best make-up artist, as best knows what she wants at the moment.Not bad to have special tools, because with their help make up for brown eyes for blondes can be done efficiently and quickly for such purposes.

Deciding to focus his eyes, especially should not allocate ─ lip color lipstick for them, you can choose not too bright, such as pink or beige shade.

first forever thin layer of powder is applied tones, the shadows longer held.It is important to bear in mind that on the inside of the century on the area under the eyebrow applied lighter shades and darker ─ closer to the outer edge.So you can visually enlarge and highlight the eyes.The darkest shade should occur in the crease of the upper eyelid.This will give the depth of view and special expressiveness.It is important not to forget to gently feather border transitions between shades to makeup look more natural.

Karim eyes need more study of a pencil or liquid eyeliner.For daytime makeup can be made thin pencil line pitch corresponding to the outer side along the lash line growth.For evening makeup is best to use a liquid eyeliner brown or gray tint.

next important step ─ the correct application of the eyelashes "correct" mascara: bulk or extension, normal or water-resistant.In order to increase their "fluffy" need bulk ink, and a special brush that allows you to create the effect of bending the tips of eyelashes.For a more lasting effect, use water-resistant mascara.In this case, the ink not "will flow" in the wrong time.

Finish Makeup can be a correction of eyebrows, remove excess and emphasizing their pencil line.Pencil selected gray or brown shade one tone darker than the natural color of your eyebrows.After combing eyebrow correction can be specifically designed for this brush.

The correct makeup allowed to become even more attractive and desirable.Even if the hair is not blonde by nature, this does not prevent a woman to be beautiful brown-eyed blonde!