First cosmetic care

always not enough time!And worst of all is when you start somewhere to gather. Makeup requires calm, attentiveness, and there's such a rush.Moreover, all of the hand falls, nothing happens just when you need to look especially beautiful!It seems to be good, but one wrong bar - and all !!Starting all over again - this time to lose.And if we are late ...

This situation can ruin any holiday mood.And all it is worth remembering advice "first cosmetic help."

If you pereschipali eyebrows, then carefully fill in the eyebrow pencil "holes" or fill "gaps" appropriate shadows (there are special shade of eyebrow), powder or light shades.Just do not take too dark tones - the eyebrows will look unnatural!

If you lubricate the eyeliner, soak a cotton swab in the tonic or cream for the face and gently wipe oiled edge, then touch up again.Perhaps the eyeliner is smeared because you have too oily skin age.Moisten a thin brush with water, dip in eye shadow so as to achieve a creamy consistency, and use this mixture

instead of eyeliner.

If smeared shadows, then using the sponge and droplets of Vaseline can be returned gathered in the shade of century folds into place.Remember that the less matte shadow smeared, and they need to apply a special brush or a foundation.

When spreads lipstick, it can help in this way: Wrap around fingertip towel, smile in front of a mirror and gently wipe off all that "emerged" over the edge of the lips.Then powder the lips and apply lipstick.The very best to apply lipstick with a brush.

inflamed pimples On the eve of an important event?Not portte yourself up.Take apple cider vinegar and rub a little sore in place to align the acid-alkaline balance.Then apply on the sore spot concealer or foundation.

Dark circles under the eyes can also disguise.You will need a good concealer with light-reflecting particles.Apply a few spots under eyes and rub them - it will hide the circles.Incidentally, the following must pass if every evening to rub into the skin, almond oil or powdered mint leaves.

To remove swelling with age, we could have done that:

- type in a dense tissue a few frozen peas and hold them in front of

- cover your eyes two cold tablespoons

- soak two tea bags in warm water and place,as a compress on the eyes

- soak cotton balls in cold milk and place on the eyes for ten minutes.

To quickly put unruly hair, use an ordinary moisturizer.Spread a little cream between palms and apply to hair - they will be obedient.