Dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows at home

Women tend to tint eyebrows and eyelashes regardless of their natural color.In summer, pencil and mascara are not always pleased with their durability, so come to the aid-resistant paint - because of heat, water and dust it very difficult to impair the safety and comfort of a conventional make-up and cosmetics proof requires daily removal of special funds fairly aggressive, not too beneficial for the skin.That is why the persistent paint for eyebrows and eyelashes enjoy the summer-deserved popularity.Statistics show that in the summer in beauty salons boom correction of eyebrows and coloring eyebrows and eyelashes.

And in Hollywood in general one of the most popular procedures is for brows care, which includes several stages.Many women, especially blondes, "colorless" eyes haunt: eyelashes have to carefully paint over ink.But someone like correct make-up several times during a hot summer day or in the evening barely wash waterproof mascara.So you can stay without eyelashes.

eyebrows, regardless of the

natural color, also need to be adjusted.In summer, they quickly fade, and over the years simply thinning.In any case, practicality and reliability "blacken" them with a proof paint sold in the cosmetic store, or in the same salon.

Remember that for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes unsuitable hair dye suitable shade.It is more aggressive and can damage the structure of the hairs of eyebrows and eyelashes, causing hair loss.In addition, the skin around the eyes is very delicate and vulnerable, and any chemical burn can keep her forever traces.So do not save on expensive high-quality paint, especially since one tube last long.

You can buy paint in a special packaging.The packaging indicates the number of stains missing one tube.Of course, you can use one tube of paint for a couple with daughter or friend.The paint color can be black, brown - for redheads or gray - more appropriate for blondes.It makes sense to have two paint colors: eg brown - for eyebrows and black - for eyelashes.

During coloring you can not do without some equipment.Included with the way the paint is usually already included bowl, spatula for mixing paint, brush, etc. But if you are usually inexpensive paint, then prepare:..

1. sticks with grooved end (or a clean brush from the carcass) for the application of paint.You can also use cotton buds.

2. Small plastic, glass or ceramic (not metal!) Capacity for breeding disposable portion of paint.

3. Cotton swabs or gauze in the shape of a crescent to protect the skin around the eyes.Or simply fold in half cotton pads.

On instructions of the paint always describes a method for its preparation.The general method is as follows: in the squeeze container 1-2 ml creamy paint from a tube, add 5-10 drops of emulsion accompanying 10-percent hydrogen peroxide.If the peroxide is not attached to the packaging, it may replace one gidroperita tablet, teaspoonful dissolved in boiled water at room temperature.Note that the mixture should be done immediately before use.If you are preparing it for the first time, you probably surprise a light color mixture.All right, the paint will darken only when it begins to interact with the hair structure.Stir paint applicator until smooth creamy mass.

Before painting on the skin under the eyes should be applied to the protective layer - conventional zinc ointment or any fat cream.Then you need to apply tampons - protective paper or thin layer of cotton wool soaked in boiled water - so that the lower lashes lay on paper or cotton wool.Rill end sticks or clean mascara brush to paint cooked gently overlaid with a thick layer on the eyelashes and eyebrows (be careful not to stain the skin).

During staining Close your eyelids and keep your head slightly tilted forward to caustic paint did not get on the mucous membrane of eyes and cause burning.If that happens - will have to postpone the procedure and rinse eyes with running water.However, sometimes you can not long endure - abundantly evolved tears dilute the burning paint, and you can continue the procedure.Do not think that in a beauty salon the procedure is painless!Staining

eyelashes lasts 15 minutes, the eyebrows - from 5 to 10 minutes depending on the desired intensity.Therefore, eyebrow color not immediately after the lashes, but after some time, to wash the paint off the eyebrows and eyelashes at the same time.After the required time, the paint is first removed with a dry cotton swab, and then washed off with plenty of warm water (do not rub your eyes).

If the paint is painted in some places the skin, apply a rich cream, massage and after a few seconds, remove with a cotton swab with warm water.Good dyed resistant paint eyebrows and eyelashes will look much smarter beaded pencil and ink.After all, the paint will stain and even those hairs that are usually left unattended.

Now try as little as possible to disturb your eyebrows and eyelashes all sorts of detergents - soap, foams and lotions.The more careful you are to them, the longer it will hold paint.Before going to bed, you can lubricate your eyebrows and eyelashes castor oil.After all, as you know, colored hair needs special care.

At home, you can also do the following procedures for the eyebrows and eyelashes:

• nourishing mask on the basis of vegetable oils (castor, almond, olive, burdock) and fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin A;

• apply oil to the eyelashes before bedtime, then they will be long and fluffy.It is necessary to avoid getting oil on the mucous membrane of the eye - this will lead to the feeling of an oily veil on the eyes, from which it is difficult to get rid of;

• if the eyelids are receptive to herbal ingredients, it is possible to use a mixture of massage: vegetable oil with finely chopped parsley and the juice of aloe;

• very useful cool compresses with herbs (extracts of cornflower, chamomile flowers, sage).You can also use Black tea;

• if the cilia are slightly cut off, they become more dense and will grow better.