Makeup for brown eyes evening

delectable, enticing, mysterious, have so much fire and passion ... All this said about brown eyes.Happy owner hazel colored eyes received a gift of nature in extraordinary beauty.We can only emphasize it correctly.

right makeup for such eye - it is, above all, the use of pale, but saturated shades of shadows.By themselves, these eyes are very expressive, because when it comes to make-up, is considered mainly an evening version of Make Up for brown-eyed members of the fairer sex.

So here's makeup evening for brown eyes (photo, as well as the selection of colors, application technique)

color and shade

Those who are familiar with the color wheel Oswald known inviolable rule that is applied makeup, which reads:colors arranged in a circle in front of each other, the combination will enhance (underline) to each other.(If interested, you can find and look at the color wheel make-up).Simply put, for a successful make-up shades fit any different from eye color.

Without going into the intricacies of the

art of makeup, we can say with certainty that the brown eyes have a huge advantage (in terms of color selection) over the blue or green eyes.The only caveat is that it is necessary to pick up the color under the shade of your eyes.We help to define.

For hazel green eyes suit the shade:

  • brown, light brown
  • beige, gold
  • olive
  • turquoise
  • dark green, herbal

to dark brown (black eyes):

  • dark sand
  • light chocolate brown
  • silver-gray
  • herbal olive
  • plum

to yellow-brown (honey):

  • purple
  • light brown, light chocolate
  • beige
  • dark green

main thing is always necessary as to remember - a personality of your appearance, the type of (warm or cold), especially the eye structure and other "highlights" that high-quality make-up is intended to emphasize, notconverted into the mask.

types of makeup for brown-eyed beauties

in principle for brown eyes there is exactly the same type of make-up, as well as for others.The most basic of these is:

  • day (light)
  • natural
  • evening makeup (it will be discussed more specifically below)

should also make up "for the solemn occasion" - a wedding.

simple Since makeup species.It can be divided into makeup for light brown and dark brown eyes, but the fundamental difference is only a selection of shades of shadows.

few tips and to the point!

Before you start make-up it is worth considering some of the universal recommendations from practicing makeup artists.

Let's start with your type of appearance.Specifically for smuglyanok with brown hair fit the warm shades for brunettes with fair skin - cold.

pay special attention to the eyebrows!It is for brunettes and brown-haired women, they are of great importance.

big brown eyes allow makeup eyeliner pencil dark inner eyelid, small - "reveal" with white and pearlescent shades.

Getting make-up!

We will not dwell on the general rules and stages of applying makeup.Purified skin tone and correctly applied - I think these elements successfully and fully mastered by every woman.Let us specifically on several techniques applying makeup.

Technique Number 1. Easy to design, ideal for brown-eyed beauties

On the lower eyelid carefully applied pink shade.

on the upper eyelid plot the shade only half.Shaded.

dark shadows, eyeliner draws the fat (or not) arrow.At the outer edge of the eye it raise a little.

on mobile eyelid plot the silver shade.

Simple in execution, this option is perfect makeup for brown eyes.

Technique Number 2. Ideal for parties and trips to the club.

require any three color shades (not the color, namely hue, differing from each other by less than 1 ton) for this equipment.And proceed to the make-up:

Select the "golden mean" of the presented three shade and put it on the lower eyelid.

On the upper eyelid (not under the brow, but only on the eyelid and a thin strip) was applied to the darkest shade.If you have small eyes, then this line is not necessary to keep an eye on the little lift it from the outside corner, so you will increase eye.

above applied darker tone plot the medium shade (again strip, leaving room under the eyebrow for a light tone).

Under eyebrow Apply the lightest tone, or else replace it with silver, light golden (optional).

on the upper eyelid - a little (! Some) glitter and make-up is over.

the curtain

Remember that evening make-up places special demands on the quality of cosmetics that if ink, the water-resistant, if the shade is not "rolling down" if the makeup base, the silicone or water-based.And the last rule of makeup.Before exiting look in the mirror: your eyes and you - irresistible.Do you agree?Now you are ready.