Summer ease everyday

Everyday summer makeup should be light, mellow in soft pastel shades.

The basis is better to use a daily moisturizer.Tone it is desirable not to use cream, and dark circles under the eyes, pimples and inflammation enough concealer to disguise.Next item - the eyebrows.By removing excess hair, lubricate sore cream place.You can then apply the shadow - warm, not bright colors.To my eyes do not look sleepy, can afford only a bright bar - a thin "arrow" on the lash line.

To give the skin freshness is possible by means of blush highlight cheekbones.Preferably pink and peach tones.The final touch - the lips.For a start it is recommended to moisten them balm, and then apply lip gloss or lipstick of light texture.

contour can not use.In the summer of actual natural, so easy negligence only incidentally.This makeup will take the strength of the 10 minutes, however, until late at night will provide a beautiful appearance.

Speaking of easy carelessness and naturalness.In establishing a sexual way, there are 3

main points.They dance on the men's preferences - namely, their love for the natural, natural.The first aspect - slightly disheveled hair.Few of the stronger sex, which excite or sticky stake standing curls.What really stirs sensuality, it is flying curls that look as if their owners had just lifted her head from the pillow.

To create such hairstyles and time will be much less.Suffice it to braid for the night a few braids loosely, and in the morning they untwist.Combing is not necessary - to shake his head and hands to correct curls.

next point - the lips must be the same color as they are after a lot of kisses.Lipstick should be a tone brighter or darker than the natural color of the lips.

And the final touch - a light blush.Ideal - peach shades.Blush should be applied with a wide brush, so that they lay evenly and look natural.