Soap - the oldest beauty product

word "soap" can mean a number of different products.Conventional toilet soap obtained by the reaction of saponification of vegetable or animal fat-based mineral (sodium or potassium carbonate).

emollient (moisturizing) soap different from the traditional nutrients (almond oil or shea butter), but they contain a limited amount - no more than 10%, otherwise it will lose the ability to foam.

liquid soap (not to be confused with cream or shower gel) - it's still soap.The difference is that it contains much water and little more additives - antiosadochnyh and sealing substances, colorants, flavorings.

Dermatological soap, often referred to as "soap without soap", is based on a synthetic soap substances.This kind of soap is a quarter of a synthetic detergent, and three-quarters - of other compounds with various useful properties (nutritional, antibacterial and so on.).Its foaming capacity weaker.

Traditional soap always slightly tightens the skin.It based on this popular belief that it can damage the hydr

o-lipid film.Without denying this fact, it should be noted that the "drying effect" increases the hot water is too high in calcium.Typically, normal skin restores the hydro-lipid film for half an hour, and the feeling of dryness extends itself.Therefore, if you do not have problems with the skin, the traditional soap is quite acceptable for hygienic care of the body.For sensitive skin - as well as for the face - you can use a special soap.

But soap with antibacterial components is not always appropriate.Using soap containing bacteriostats, justified for hand washing only in special places, such as employees of health centers, kindergartens, catering.But there is no reason to use such mlo in everyday life, especially for washing the whole body: the maintenance of normal microflora of the skin is much more important than sterility.

The same applies to the idea of ​​"the maintenance of acid-base balance."According to experts, people tend to exaggerate the importance of this factor, going on about advertising.The acidic or alkaline pH is absolutely not mean that the soap will irritate your skin.The pH level is not a sufficient indicator to select it.

Too many elements comprise various flavoring agents, surfactants and preservatives.So mark "neutral pH" has nothing to do with harmlessness.On the other hand, our skin has an excellent buffering capacity: it can self-adjust its pH.

Cleaning substances traditional soaps are very strong.This gives an exceptional feeling of cleanliness.In addition, it is naturally (i.e. due to its formula) prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.Soap unlike funds does not leave any trace on the skin for a shower.Gels or creams for the soul, on the contrary, left thin film so as to maintain a sense of "moisturizing" longer.

real sense of absolute purity gives us the use scouring pads or gloves, but this is not always true, because wet washcloth is a favorable environment for microbial growth.It must be dry, once a week, washing machine and subjected to change at least once every three months.Otherwise, your cleansers can cause more harm than good.

Soap - one of the oldest beauty products.Until now, we can find in the sale of the most simple soap recipe, made by traditional technology.Especially valuable is the natural soap based on vegetable oils (labeled "contains no animal fats").It is easy to distinguish, reading the label: it contains up to 70% vegetable oils.

Among the list of ingredients on the package the following names should appear: palmate (palm oil), cocoate (coconut oil) and olivate (olive oil), aqua (water) and sodium hldroxie (sodium salt).You can learn and appearance: creamy, ocher and green, natural soap can be uneven, opaque texture.Sometimes in it add sesame seeds, shredded seaweed, or almond shells to enhance the exfoliating properties.Preference is given to soap without fragrances and dyes (they do not affect the efficiency of purification) and without preservatives.

What time is it stored?Launched soap bar fully retains its properties approximately twenty-four months.High-quality soap for a long time aging and well kept, without losing its properties for years.The soap, which quickly "melts", stratified, loses its shape, is not a really good soap.Rather, it contains too much water during the manufacture was dried long enough.Fast and cheap gutter glycerine soap, but when buying, it looks very attractive.

believed that synthetic fragrances are much more irritating to the skin than natural essences.However, the tendency to allergy, any aromatic additives increase the risk of skin reactions.For normal skin soap with the scent of your favorite perfume - the unconditional and safe fun.

How often use exfoliating soap?Like any tool for peeling, exfoliating soap enriched with vegetable or marine particles that "poskrebyvayut" the skin by removing dead skin cells, is used for the body two or three times a week.Not recommended for sensitive skin or in the presence of inflammation - as, indeed, any other mechanical peeling.