Makeup for brown eyes at the wedding

On the wedding day and wants to be beautiful and attractive.For the bride and groom's eyes riveted guests, the photographer selects the best angle ... figure, hairstyle, dress, veil ─ still subjected to critical analysis, so the bride should look feast for the eyes!Particular attention has always attract the eye.The bride, whose brown eyes, very lucky ─ her eyes quite expressive, but I want them to glow even more love and affection.

Preparation for wedding makeup

Even bright, glowing eyes need proper clearance.Will help to choose the right makeup for brown eyes to the wedding photos from professional photographer, made in three to four days before the wedding.So the bride will be able to assess how comparable the image created with makeup, hair and dress, with its representation of the ideal, and it is time to get as close to him.And at the wedding it will be perfection itself!It is very important to make up fully in line with the mood of the bride.This can only feel herself.

There is another reas

on to start preparing for the wedding ahead of time, for a few days.It is necessary to clean the skin and prepare it for the application of make-up wedding.For this purpose, various matting tonic, lotion, milky lotion.It is important to remember that after a procedure such as peeling, the skin will take a few days for a full recovery.Good hydration will accelerate the restoration of the skin and improve its condition.It is advisable to use only approved creams and masks for cleaning.Moisturizer is also applied on the area under the eyes.

Toning the skin

Applying makeup on the wedding day begins with the correction of facial skin problem areas, neck and décolleté: capillary "asterisks", bags and dark circles under the eyes, redness different.After such a "disguise" with light circular movements to apply foundation with a dense texture to keep makeup intact for the duration of the wedding.

Tonal foundation helps even out skin color, and for that it should be carefully shade, that there is no visible boundary between the neck and face.This can be done with light movements of the fingers or a wet sponge.After that, it is desirable to a large round brush apply a layer of transparent powder to consolidate the foundations, and only then apply a layer of powder tone.

Accent bridal make-up on her eyes ─

emphasis makeup for the wedding is done mainly in the bride's eyes, so the choice of cosmetics should be approached responsibly.Makeup should not be intrusive, gaudy, it only emphasizes the natural beauty of the bride.Making brown eyes, you need to avoid clear lines, refrain from using dark shadow and black liner, try to emphasize the softness and femininity of the bride.

As blonde and brunettes with brown eyes makeup for a wedding is recommended to use a muted, low-key tones.To choose the best shades smoky-gray, olive, pale pink, beige, gold, light turquoise color tones.Pencil Eyeliner can be dark gray or brown.Used as a white pencil.

makeup sequence for brown eyes on

wedding First, using beige shadow or special foundations eyelids matting, then sequentially to the near to the bridge of the century, applied the shadows lighter shade, and on the outer corners of the eyes ─ darker.Brown-eyed beauties makeup for the wedding, you can use a contrasting shade, it is important not to overdo it.The boundaries between the shadows carefully also feathered.The lower eyelid is supplied with white or light beige pencil on the upper eyelid applied dark pencil.

blonde brown-eyed brides more suitable shade of blue, pink, purple or cream colored, brown-eyed brunette ─ gold, brown or colored marsh.Get involved with shiny rhinestones for a century is not necessary, because the glare from them can prevent high-quality shooting, but you can use the flickering shadows.

Mascara is recommended to use a water-resistant, taking into account the duration of the wedding events.You can paste a few artificial cilia to create a deeper look.Eyelashes before applying mascara can be a little powder.This will prevent them from sticking together.

eyebrows require careful care of their form in this holiday to be truly perfect.Adjust it should be the day before, to eliminate redness.Before the wedding eyebrows lightly draw a pencil the appropriate hair color of the bride, then a special brush to comb and fix the gel.

The bridal makeup focuses on the eyes and lips should not be allocated.Lipstick or gloss you can use soft tones, light pink or pale shades of berry.To persistent lipstick is not much dries the lips, it is better to use a lip gloss desired shade.

final step in wedding makeup is to apply blush.They should always be dull, better peach or pink shade.Apply them to be high on the cheekbones, then carefully shade, that they do not stand out too.

Properly executed wedding makeup will emphasize the natural beauty of the bride, she will feel like a fairy princess will delight the bride and guests.