Makeup Lessons .The history of mascara

eyelashes not only decorate the face, but also protect the eyes, protecting them from adverse environmental effects."Living" lashes 150-200 days.They constantly fall out, and in their place new ones grow.

If irritation persists century eyelashes become thinner and fall.Therefore, even if slight redness and irritation of the eyelid skin should immediately take measures to prevent this process.

Fortunately, mascara is made taking into account all these factors, so it also protects the eye - lashes protects from wind, dust, does not give them fade in the sun.Furthermore, ink includes various vitamins: protein, keratin, lanolin, which strengthen the eyelashes prevents their fragility, promote their growth.Of course, the ink was not always such a "useful".

mascara history

According to some sources, its origin is obliged mascara Williams student, mixed black and Vaseline and invited to try these things means his sister Mabel (her name would later be called the most popular mascara in the history of cos

metics).That was in 1913. A year later

company Max Factor, which advertising has been on our screens, released the first mascara in the form of wax, which is melted and applied to the eyelashes.

In 1939, appears the first waterproof mascara that Helen Rubinstein invented for the water ballet.She's 19 years later "improved" process of applying mascara to the eyelashes, making up a round brush, made of metal.

1960 was marked by the fact that the cosmetics market appears colored ink, and in two cosmetic companies: Revlon produces blue ink, and Max Factor - blue, green, gold colors.

In 1966, it was fashionable to paint eyelashes in several layers and make a thick black pencil eyeliner - it was a business card at the time of the famous model Twiggy.

And remember our mascara Leningrad factory box, which previously had to be "spit", then poelozit plastic brush, and then try to make up the eyelashes?Then they still had to share (some even managed to do it with a needle, not being afraid to get into the eye), as this mascara had a tendency to stick together in the process of applying.In general, a truly "Beauty requires sacrifice" ... So many "chased" for popular at the time ink "Louis Philippe".Have in your purse this mascara is considered the highest chic.

Art Director Nicolas Dezhen House Givenchy considers that the ink - the most important thing in make-up woman.According to him, the woman should not have to leave the house with not made up eyelashes."How can you appear in the street in the same form in which you woke up in the morning?" - Exclaims Nicolas.

Mascara is different in its consistency.We often use creamy as it firstly, more practical, and secondly, it does not need moisture and is always ready for use, and finally, it is comfortable to wear in the beautician.

mascara is waterproof and water-soluble.Waterproof good for wet weather, the sea, the swimming pool.It is not washed off by water, as the special resin included in its composition.But to remove it from the eyelashes - is not easy, so take care of that in your arsenal has always been a means to remove waterproof mascara.Remove it can only be a special composition or fat cream.And because it dissolves fat, it can "float", so do not apply to the eye area a lot of cream (by the way, it is recommended not only for use waterproof mascara, cream should always be applied in moderation).

water soluble ink can be removed easily with cosmetic milk, makeup remover, and even water.But, if you are using this ink, forget the tears!In the swimming pool and in the rain it is also better not to fall.