makeup rules .Secrets expressive eye makeup

eyes - the most expressive part of the face, and not surprisingly, the majority of women tends to emphasize their beauty.How to do it with makeup?There are several techniques and the creation of eye makeup techniques.

Before you start make-up, decide for yourself on what you do focus - the lips or eyes.It is desirable to give preference to one thing.

If you select the eye, primarily judge the distance between them.

If the distance between the eyes is the length of the eye, you can afford a variety of options for make-up.

• If the eyes are widely planted, the darker the shade should be applied at the inner edge of the eye.Optically it will move to the center of the eye.When applying the shadow, remember the golden rule: if visually draw a line from the nostrils to the edges of the eyebrows - is the border makeup for the eyes.

• Make an external corner of the eye darker When planting near the eye.

• If your eyes are rounded, beware fully emphasize the pencil line of the upper eyelid - eye will be vi

sually less and will seem round, ie, will the so-called "fish eye"...You need to display the arrow for the outer corners of eyes.This "lengthen" the eyes and make them more beautiful.

• Never draws a dark pencil line along the lower eyelid from the inner corner to the outer.Eyes will look "heavy" and how to "sag".Dark color - only from the middle of the century.

• Pay attention to the selection of colors.Prefer shades of one color from dark to light.

• Do not try to pick the shade of tone on tone to the eyes.It can "extinguish" your look.Stay shades lighter or darker than the color of your eyes.In many ways, the choice shadows and cosmetics is defined as clothing and hair color.

• "cat's eyes", or "eye of the Phoenix" - the so-called eye shape, slightly elongated towards the temples.She is attractive, but it is uncommon.To correct this injustice, make-up artists have come up with the reception, with which eyes can be almost any shape to lengthen and deep shadow, which is formed in the crease of the upper eyelid, it gives a look more expressive.They called this pattern make "eye of the Phoenix."

performs deep shade with a pencil or shades of dark colors (black, dark brown, dark gray, dark tobacco, dark blue).

final stage makeup for the eyes - the application of mascara to the eyelashes.Do not try to cover the lashes in five layers, only one or two.