What brushes are needed to make

Makeup Brushes - is not only a professional tool master makeup artist.They have a special place in every woman's purse, striving for flawless make-AAP.Brushes help practical use makeup sparingly of her consuming.

What Makeup Brushes need any woman?

quality makeup is applied in several stages and each of them requires its own specific set of brushes.Which brush needed makeup?On this question every woman she meets and forms its own individual set of hands on the basis of personal preferences.

Brushes makeup face

1. Fan (big and small brush).Purpose: to remove excess dry cosmetics (powder, blush, shadows), not smearing makeup.Large fan brush can be used to apply a thin layer of powder.

2. domed brush for powder - the biggest and most soft brush in the set.What makes it more volume, the smoother the powder falls.

3. brushes rouge (dome-shaped and beveled).Dome - for applying blush and corrective tools on the cheeks and temples.Beveled - for the convenience of drawing cheekbones.

4. Small beveled brush - designed for fine drawing face (eg, nose relief).It can be used for shading shadows.

5. Konsilernaya brush - flat rounded brush with artificial bristles of small size.It is convenient to apply the corrective means and shade border masked areas.

6. Round brush with flat edges good at shading foundation boundaries.The principle of use - easy to drive in traffic directed from the center of the face outward.

brushes eye makeup

for shadows

large and small flat brush - drawing rolling century and the outer corner of the eye.

Large and small tapered brush - smooth crisp boundaries, making smooth transitions between different shades of color.

brushes, pencils created to draw small parts - the lash line of the lower eyelid contours, pencil shading.

Brush barrel - round thick brush, tapering towards the edge.Its main task - shading and drawing the folds of the century.


dense and flat, sloping brush draws "arrow" liquid eyeliner, gel or a soft - shadows.It can be used to apply dry correctors on the eyebrow.

thin brush for eyeliner comes in two forms - straight and beveled handles and fibers, tight-fitting to one another.

Sharper drawn contour and lipstick smoother and neater falls on the lips, if you have a small hand, but the dense brush with synthetic bristles, designed specifically for this purpose.

natural bristle or artificial?

Manufacturers offer brushes for make-up and with natural and synthetic bristles.Large brush (for powder, blush, fan) is better to take natural bristle (pony, sable or squirrel) - they are softer and softer artificial and last a long time.

with artificial pile will be more practical and more convenient brush for liquid foundation and tone corrector, lipstick and eyeliner - they are easier to clean and eliminate overspending cosmetics.

for shading shadows better to give preference to a brush with natural bristles, and for applying them can be used and a synthetic brush.

Rules Care Makeup Brush

to unwittingly reduce the life of the brushes, for they should be regularly (once a week) care.To clean the lint can be prepared in its composition, consisting of warm water and shampoo (baby), or use a ready-made cleansers.

brushes with natural bristles rinse the impossible and synthetic, on the contrary, it is necessary to wash thoroughly.After treatment, cosmetic tools exposed to drying - it is enough to lay hands on a horizontal surface with a towel.Do not leave to dry the pile sticking out in different directions, give it original appearance.

Sponges as an alternative to some lynx tips

set of brushes for applying makeup can replace some sponges, sponges.They are made from natural materials (Japanese konnyaku sponge) and synthetic materials (foam rubber and latex), cotton and cellulose.Depending on the form and change its destination.

Square, round, pyramid - for applying the tonal framework and powder (usually compact).

With corners - Make-up in confined spaces or for shading boundaries.

Small applicators, sponges for shadows.

Sponges do not replace a set of brushes for make-up - it is rather camp option that should always be in your purse to quickly touch up makeup as needed.Cellulose (large pore) and cotton sponges are essential for cleansing the face of cosmetics.

care for them should be the same as for the brushes, but before the application sponges better slightly moistened with water and gently squeeze.Lifetime in sponges is small - about a month.

Choosing test sponge - bend it.The rapid recovery of the shape, cracks and dents will testify to the high quality.When buying a sponge to prefer proven in the world of cosmetics manufacturers.