Makeup for middle-aged women

What do not we explained that beauty does not depend on age, and is a state of mind, looking at the wrinkles in the mirror, on the skin that has lost the freshness, we feel sad.The desire to mask the flaws on your face make-up, often leads to the opposite result.If a young girl even bright make-up will look like fun, then aged lady with bright artificial colors on the face looks funny, and even pity.Her attempts to hide, so age, give the opposite effect - it does not look young and molodyascheysya.

Age ruthless - our oval face changes, the skin becomes less elastic, wrinkles fatigue issue.But look younger will help full-time care for themselves and the right makeup.Where to begin?

levels tone

Any makeup starts with applying the cream.To align the skin tone, uneven skin mask and its color, 15 minutes after applying day or night cream, use tonal resources.Try to keep the person did not differ in color from the rest of the skin, neck and décolleté, this base, concealer, powder should be applied even

earlobes.With the help of corrective pencil to mask fatigue under his eyes.Small pimples hide corrector greenish color.Walk correction pencil wrinkles in the nose and mouth.In the center of the forehead, nose, chin, apply a bright spot - a "highlight" the skin and allow the face look younger.

Adjust the shape of the face with age is changing the face of our oval.Tighten sagging skin is possible not only by means of special creams and makeup correctly executed.To cope with this challenge to help blush brown tones, applied with a wide brush around the oval of the face and, especially, in the area of ​​"double chin."Remember: what you want to hide, it should be darker, and what to emphasize - lighter.Be sure to carefully feather border.

Focus on eye shadows

two close shades allow the eyes appear larger.Bright tone should be applied to the entire eyelid, up to the eyebrow.On the mobile eyelid applied darker tone.In the same tone of the shadows, move your eyes along the lower lash line from the outer corner to the middle of the eye.

to create an evening make-up with brown pearl blush, use a blush of pink shades.Put them on the cheeks and cheekbones with a large brush in the direction from the ear to the center.The best way not to be mistaken with the area of ​​application - smile.You will see how your cheeks up and understand exactly where to apply blush.

eye pencil, draw a line along the base of the upper eyelashes from the center to the periphery.If there is a need to increase the eye shape, draw the same line along the lower lashes, then blend it applicator.The final stage - volume mascara in black.Evenly paint the lashes from root to tip, more intense coloring the lashes in the corners of his eyes.


lips with age, and the contour of the lips becomes less clear.To fix this, lip liner lip circle just above the natural contour - it will give them volume.Stroke lip pencil from the circuit to the center, then apply lipstick.If the corners of her mouth slightly lowered, when applying lipstick pencil and they do not accentuated - are not painted.On top of lipstick to the middle of the upper and lower lips can be made pearlescent touches using lip gloss.This creates a three-dimensional effect and visually increases lip.

"Look at yourself in the mirror and smile - a smile rejuvenates even more than make-up!"