Care of the neck .Recipes your facial beauty

Gentle neck skin contains almost no fat tissue, but because of the old and covered with wrinkles very early.Therefore, everything said about the care of dry skin of the face, including the imposition of face masks can be fully attributed to the skin of the neck.A few rules

skin care neck.

Morning care.

soft neck rinsed with cool water, the front and side surfaces are applied a cream for dry skin (fingers are moving from bottom to top).After 10-15 minutes, the cream is removed with a dry cloth.

Evening care.

skin is cleaned with soap and water and cover with a thin layer of cream to 1-1.5 hours, make a gentle massage cream residues removed with a dry cloth.

To nourish the skin of the neck need to use creams that contain a large percentage of water.With age, it is necessary to add to the fortified biocream and stimulating cell renewal of the epidermis, as well as creams that have a moisturizing effect.

Additional care.

to clean the skin of any type other than water and soap and cream are good sou

r milk, vegetable oil, liquid creams and so on. D. In their application there is no need to clean the face and neck in the morning.

nourishing cream is applied after cleaning the face and neck.The face, neck and décolleté before it is recommended to slightly moisten with water and sea salt.Lightly lubricate both hands cream and a little head thrown back, apply the cream on the neck and décolleté.

very useful and neck massage.Massage the neck - an integral part of the care of her.It increases its elasticity and postpones the time of aging.In the evening, when you applied to cleansed skin of the neck restoring cream, a gentle massage of the neck for 5-10 minutes will help it to soak.

neck massage technique.

1. Make some stroking movements on the front of the neck from the bottom up the palms of both hands - with his left hand on the right side of the neck, and vice versa.

2. Tilt the head slightly back and fingertips "draw" a few lines of small spirals under the chin, the angle of the cheekbones to the center, and then a few times "iron the" line of the whole hand.

3. Make several large spiral movements on the side of the neck with fingertips of the right hand from left to right and the left hand - in the opposite direction.

4. Perform a few smooth strokes the side of the neck from the shoulder to the ear lobe: the left hand - the right half of the neck, followed by a right hand - the left half of the neck 4-5 times alternate hands.

Twice a week, you can do neck massage special massage brush.Before massage brush with the chin, neck and shoulders with a fat cream or vegetable oil.Then massage brush start making a circular motion from the chest on the side of the neck to the earlobe, from the shoulder to the ear lobe from chest over his shoulder to the back and from the back to the back to the chest.Duration of treatment - 5 minutes.

WARNING !If your back and neck have a rash or pimples, then use the massage brush is impossible.