Lipstick : that lineup?

Lipsticks give lip gloss, paint them in a color chosen accordingly complexion, fashion requirements, costume, mask minor imperfections and allow you to change the shape of the lips.

Besides the purely decorative function of a good lipstick also has a protective role, protecting the lips from the effects of atmospheric factors and excessive drying.

requirements for this group of cosmetic products are quite high.Very important is the complete neutrality with respect to the body, and when released into the digestive tract.Lipstick should be easy to use, have a pleasant taste on the lips form a solid, fat layer does not dry the lips and at the same time be resistant to the action of saliva and mechanical factors.Essential as the aesthetic criteria: lipstick should be smooth, without lumps and air bubbles to the surface is smooth and shiny.

classic lipsticks - a suspension of pigments in a mixture of fatty substances suitable consistency, further containing dissolved dyestuffs.

pigments used in the ointm

ents prepared from the corresponding compounds and organic metal salts.More often than not constitute the basis of their aluminum salts.As a complementary pigment, especially in light lipsticks, white titanium oxide is used.Also produced lipstick shades of gold and silver, which include shredded aluminum or special pearl-gray pigments (titanium dioxide).

Besides pigments, the color of lipstick give soluble dyes.These compounds are poorly soluble in common fats and waxes, so additives must be used - such as castor oil, higher alcohols.

remaining elements that make up the lipstick and give it the proper texture and appearance - are natural waxes.To modify the hardness and lubricating used lanolin and its derivatives, petroleum jelly and paraffin oils thick.

Recently composition lipsticks often include waxes and silicone oil, do not alter the consistency under the influence of the temperature difference and a greater degree of lipstick imparting water resistance.Complementing these elements aromas and flavors that mask the unpleasant taste of fat blends.

There is also a type of lipsticks as transparantnye lipstick.Due to the absence of solid pigments are formed on the color lips, but completely transparent layer.Lipsticks of this type do not contain wax, and their main elements are synthetic resin, castor oil, lanolin derivatives and other compounds.

to protect the lips from the effects of cold and wind, as well as to give them a gloss applied colorless lipstick, creams and lip glosses.

Lip Ointments are used exclusively in the winter, when skiing, winter camping trips.Most often, they contain waxes and paraffin oil, although there are also more complicated recipes.

more sophisticated cosmetics, in addition to performing more protective and decorative function, are lip glosses.They are produced, usually in the form of liquid oil packed in bottles of small type «roll-on» or in the form of thicker material.The lip gloss composition often includes other castor and vegetable oils, lanolin, and thick paraffin and silicone oil.To increase the product firmness and thickness, are sometimes added fat-soluble cellulose derivatives and other polymers.

lipgloss contain higher quality synthetic fatty compounds.In the case of the introduction of the gloss unsaturated fats necessarily used antioxidant.

Lip Balm you can make yourself at home.Take 5 g of beeswax, 10 g of lanolin, 5 g of cocoa butter, 10 g jojoba oil or castor oil, 10 ml of aloe juice or extracts of Hamamelis, 0.5 teaspoon of honey.

Melt in a heat-resistant bowl or in a water bath beeswax.Lanolin, cocoa butter and jojoba warm up to 60 ° C.Separately, preheat to the same temperature gel of aloe and honey and add them to fats.The entire mass continue stirring until cool.