Make-up and the shape of the eye

How to choose make-up, respectively, the shape of the eye?Here is what people think about this experts.

almond-shaped eyes in no need of correction, as it is considered perfect.

Small eyes to visually enlarge.This effect is achieved by covering the entire century, the white shadow.In addition, it is necessary to conduct a dash on the basis of the upper eyelid, and eyelashes cast a thick layer of mascara.

When the eyes with hanging skin on the eyelids is recommended to put a light blonde shade closer to the eye, and the rest of the century, close to the eyebrows to paint a darker color.Eyelashes densely covered with ink.

sunken eyes adjust better arrows, which are drawn from the corner of the eye, simulating the almond shape.Shadows is recommended to choose an intense color, bright and apply as close as possible to the outer corner of the eye.

With bulging eyes the shade is better not to drink at all.In an extreme case, you can use dark shadows that visually reduce the eye bulge.

For round eyes need dull dark shadows, which are superimposed on the outer corner of the eye.Eyelashes with the brush is bent toward the eyebrows.

With narrow eyes shade should be applied in the middle of the eye, the brow should be sufficiently high and bright.

deep-set eyes need light, shadows and mascara pearl light colors (gray, brown, green).

coloring of eyelashes.

If eyelashes burned or the nature of black enough, they can be dyed in a hairdressing salon.

While permanent eyelash coloring - it is a barber, tinting eyelashes mascara is made daily in the morning during the application of cosmetics.

mascara on the lashes applied thinly, starting from the roots of the hair, then comb them, separating the lashes apart, stiff brush.It is desirable that you are performing this procedure in no hurry, because the result depends largely on the thoroughness with which it will be held.In the rush of the carcass can easily get on the eyelid, and then have to start all over again.After all, only a very skilful hands can remove ink without erasing the primary circuit.

After the paint dried up a bit on the eyelashes, remove excess mascara brush frequently and separate from each other stuck together lashes.

Application shadows.

On a mobile, with the least amount of fat and supports muscles of the face, eyelids, wrinkles are formed very quickly.Do not use bold and bright shades, as they attract more attention to wrinkles.Be also careful with bright tones.

With age coloring can visually enlarge the eyes, making them more expressive.Color contour pencils and eyeshadow is recommended to choose according to the color of your eyes, skin tone and hair tint.

Shadows applied to the upper eyelid, from the middle up to the outer edge.Over dark shadow is applied at the outer corner of the eye.You can emphasize the eye pencil line if desired.

It is important to choose the color of shadows.It is well known that the brown and purple shades give expression eye fatigue, so they are not recommended for middle-aged women.