New Year's holidays .Christmas Makeover

When before the New Year will be practically one or two days, self-care retreat into the background.And in vain, because a festive make-up, which should remain on the face of the whole New Year's Eve, must be applied by all the rules.

So here are a few women's beauty secrets.

* advance rehearse your makeup - put it on your face and evaluate how it is combined with the color of the dress in which you choose to celebrate the New Year.In addition, you can assess how long will your makeup.Look to the gel body with sequins and shimmering powder, they will give hands and décolleté area sleek and seductive look in the New Year's Eve.Try to put a little powder under the eyes, if mascara and eyeshadow osyplyutsya in the make-up, it will be easy to brush away the crumbs with sugar.

* Manicure at home do better in the morning, at the same time is to adjust the shape of eyebrows - these things do not accept haste.And here in the morning painted not worth it.Let the facial skin a rest before the New Year holi

day.During the day, apply an intensive moisturizing or nourishing cream, let it soak in and pat the face with a napkin.Then moisten and body.

Makeup "Sultry Tropics"

girls warm tsvetotipa suit next makeup.On the lips - a light golden shine, cheek - soft peach blush.Along the lash line hold circuit dark brown pencil, and then shaded with a brush or applicator.On the upper eyelid plot the slight movement of the shade of brown or copper-bronze shade.Finally put on the inner corners of the eyes light golden shimmering shade - it will make the eyes look more open and friendly.If New Year's Eve you prefer a bright make-up, apply blush and bronzer on cheekbones tool on the chin.

Makeup "Violet mystery"

Purple for parties like no other color - if properly use them.We need a bold lipstick shades of purple - grape, plum, fuchsia and reddish-purple color.It is better if, instead of fat shiny lipstick you will lip gloss.

Spend on the upper lash line thin line of dark blue pencil.Fix color shades to match, such as amethyst or blue tint.This eye makeup will fit perfectly into the overall make-up palette of purple, but not flashy and vulgar.

Makeup "Winter Cherry"

Shimmering pink blush, mimicking healthy glow.Shadows mauve, pink or aubergine shade.Complete the image using black mascara that lengthens eyelashes and share.Put on a little lipstick lips purple, burgundy or pink hue.In this case it is better to use lipstick with glitter to create a New Year's Eve gentle, feminine and sexy image.To fix the color and keep it on as long as possible, circle the lip contour pencil.

Makeup "retro"

Retro - is primarily an aristocratic pallor, to create it will need a foundation with a rather thick texture, concealer that perfectly mask the tiny flaws, and easy to give a velvety powder.Foundation, concealer and powder - to lighten the skin tone.

High cheekbones.To accentuate them, it is necessary to involve the cheek and indentations apply blush or bronzing powder.Then, determine the highest point on the cheek, and touch it with a brush blush peach shade.Now the dark and light tones blend seamlessly to the temples that between them there was no clear boundary.

Wide and thick eyebrows.To do this, gently emphasize your natural brow shape special soft pencil.Looking languishing.On the upper and lower eyelid plot the golden shade, and then draw a thick line underwater black pencil and shaded golden shadows.The external corners of the eyes once again emphasize the black inner corners is better to leave a gold - so it seems to look softer.Finish the evening dress eye good layer of black mascara.Red lips and soft curls completed so fashionable nowadays retro image.