Makeup winter

hard to imagine a woman who does not use makeup, because it is an integral part of the female image, and it's not just about color cosmetics, but also cosmetics, allow to nourish, moisturize, cleanse and protect our skin, which is daily exposed to negativethe effects of internal and external factors.

It's no secret that every season involves a certain makeup, but special attention should be given make-up in the winter.In cold weather, the skin requires special attention and care, so because of the cold weather and it may lose its appeal and freshness.That is why, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of winter make-up that can not only improve the skin condition, but also to make it more attractive.

Features makeup winter

In cold weather, the facial skin needs high humidity, since due to the low temperatures its surface evaporates more moisture, so necessary for the preservation of firmness and elasticity.This will help tone cream that protects the skin from the cold, dry air in the premises wh

ere they work heaters and air conditioners, as well as giving it a velvety texture.

Do not go out without the tonal resources, which should contain in its composition, not only safety components, but also to sunscreens, vitamins, and antioxidants.Tonal framework should have a thick texture, but it does not clog the pores of the face.As for the powder, it tends to dry the skin, so the winter is not recommended for people with dry skin type.

With the onset of winter, the tan obtained during the summer vacation, washed off and pick up the tone of powder and foundation should be a lighter shade than in summer.This will make your image as much as possible natural and natural.

Care Lip

winter Plotting winter make-up in the first place, it is necessary to take care of the lips, which are under the influence of cold temperatures may start to peel and crack.The best option is to use a special moisturizing lip balm, designed specifically for the winter period.Typically, such a balm contains fats and vitamins in feed lips desired degree and they do not give dry up.Some manufacturers add these substances in lipstick, which is also suitable for winter makeup.

should not regard ordinary lip gloss as a means to protect against wind and frost, as it usually gives only lip swelling effect, but does not have the necessary protective properties.

Media of winter makeup

As for makeup application techniques of winter, here, too, has its own peculiarities.As mentioned earlier, it should look as natural and naturally, therefore, from the bright and flashy colors should be abandoned.Try to focus on the eyebrows and lips, also not hurt to light, frosty glow, which can be done with pale blush.

choosing mascara, give preference to water-resistant, as in bad weather no one is immune from sudden snowfall or sleet, which can ruin even the most eye-catching make-up and bring a lot of inconvenience.Whatever properties did not have your usual mascara, make a choice in favor of water-resistant and high-quality cosmetics.

Despite the fact that the lips should attract attention, give up on the winter period from being too bright, red and dark colors, replacing them with pink and brown shades.Besides being in bad weather they will look out of place, saturated colors have the ability to absorb light that visually adds years to the age, and it will appeal not all the fair sex.

Makeup in the bitter cold

During severe frosts, the only salvation for sensitive and fragile skin is cosmetics based on natural oils such as avocado oil or jojoba oil.Regularly use moisturizing creams and do not abuse and exfoliating cleansers.