How to make a summer makeup

summer beautiful tan - the main ornament of women.This is a time of year when you can do a minimum of make-up and look attractive, and in addition to complement the sun with its rays all feminine charms.Still, the summer has its own make-up rules.

basic rule of makeup in the summer: the time, not just on the beach, to protect the face, neck and decollete area from the sun.And it does not necessarily apply to daily face special sunscreen.Now there are many cosmetic products (day cream, powder, blush, lipstick), which contain a SPF-factors.

- If your work or leisure activities involve prolonged exposure to sunlight, contact with water or exercise, it is better to use only water-resistant makeup.To remove waterproof makeup using special tools on the basis of fat.

- The main enemy of cosmetics - pot, and in the summer it is more than enough.To make-up is not smeared and long lasting freshness, it is necessary to put the right foundation.Choose transparent tone cream with a light texture.This framework do

es not lie on the person as an artificial mask, and looks natural and artificial light, and the sun.Just apply the foundation shade sparingly and carefully, otherwise the excess cream will melt and smear.

"The basic rule of makeup in the summer: the time, not just on the beach, to protect the face, neck and decollete area from the sun."

To correct makeup during the day is better to use loose powder, since it is devoid of fat binding framework and absorbs excess sebum.Also, special cosmetic wipes suitable for correction that absorb greasy luster, but it does not spoil the makeup itself.Another little trick - choose summer cosmetics (powder, cream, blush) with sparkles, then an unpleasant greasy luster will be less noticeable.

- About eyeshadow.On the one hand, fatty eyeshadow long stick, but on the other - "gone", they leave lacquered sheen on the skin and quite picturesquely spread out on the eyelids that may look even impressive.Those who do not like this option, choose a dry eye shadow, which will not slide and melt.

- In the summer it is desirable to abandon the eyeliner.She often smeared and melted in the sun.It is better to replace it with a hard pencil and ink.If you decide on a summer vacation to opt out of the use of mascara, this is the best time to look after eyelashes.Morning and evening, rub in their therapeutic composition of castor oil and vitamins A and E. solutions

- summer definitely need lipstick!You can choose any kind of lipstick - classic in a tube, gloss or just hygiene.But the need to protect the lips, as under the influence of the sun, they can acquire a bluish tinge and tendency to crack.It is better to opt for a lipstick that contains UV filters, vitamins A and E. Do not carefully delineate the line of the lips, so give up the contour of the lips and matte lipsticks.Give greater expressiveness using varnish effect, wet lips or crystalline brilliance.

- Do not forget the summer on a daily skin cleansing.For make-up remover, dry, normal and sensitive skin as a means of cosmetic milk or cream is best suited.Oily skin to help purify and reduce sebum production foams and gels.The main thing is to prefer that do not contain alcohol, he strongly dries the skin.

Moisturize your skin, nourishes and tones is not worse than in the winter.Especially now that many natural remedies available straight from the garden: the mask of strawberry, cucumber lotion, etc.Cut, for example, fresh dill, boil 10 minutes, let cool and wash yourself a little water on a daily basis.Or grate a carrot on a fine grater, the resulting mixture was put on the face and neck, covering the top with gauze, and after 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.Carrot mask Repeat 1-2 times a week.

"In the summer be sure to protect lips, as under the influence of the sun, they can acquire a bluish tinge and tendency to crack."

- Manicure and pedicure is not only a tribute to the beauty, but also hygienic procedure.In summer, you just have to hold it at least once in two weeks.Your hands and finally open legs should be well-groomed, with no rough skin and calluses.In summer, you can afford the most daring shades of nail coatings.The main daily task - always a fresh coat of varnish.Sloppily painted toenails cause unpleasant thoughts about neatness itself mistress.

- Under the scorching summer sun tart, intense aromas are inappropriate.Summer smell should be unobtrusive and fresh.Also for summer flavors typical of low alcohol content.Some manufacturers have even abandoned it in their summer perfume lines.Alcohol-dried skin, and heat can cause allergies or even burn.

well on the eve of the summer season to opt out of the use of perfumes and toilet waters and go to the lotions and shower gels of the same series as the favorite flavor.So you kill two birds: using perfumed body milk can be further moisten the skin and not to part with a favorite scent.

And it definitely leave your favorite perfume at home, going to the beach.Under the influence of sunlight and ultraviolet active substances perfume provoke photoallergy.The skin may be covered with a rash to appear white, long impassable spots.A tan will remind leopard color.