Head massage.Recipes your hair beauty

Head Massage improves circulation, helps to normalize the activity of sebaceous glands, cleanses the skin from the horny scales, and is considered one of the best methods of strengthening the hair.

Head Massage is useful for all hair types.But we should remember that the massaging stimulates the activity of sebaceous glands.Therefore, if hair is oily, you need a massage to rub a cotton swab tool for the treatment of oily skin.

Contraindications to massage the scalp:

serious general disease organism

pustular or fungal scalp

injury scalp eczema


chronic hair loss, ie baldness.

Indeed, the head massage is very useful for the prevention of baldness.But the fact is that if the hair is already sick, they fall at the slightest effort.Any touch only accelerate this process.A therapeutic effect of massage is not immediately and lags behind the mechanical effects, which necessarily involves massaging.Therefore massage will not save you from baldness, if it has already begun.

Firming and therapeutic effect of massage is based on the stimulation of blood circulation and supply of hair and skin of the head with oxygen and nutrients.Through massage vessels and capillaries expand dramatically, blood cells close to the walls of blood vessels and a close gaps in them.In normal or constricted state of this effect or not, or it is weakly expressed.

Because massage activates the skin and hair of human system, it is especially recommended:

those with dry hair and scalp

those who suffer from dry dandruff

those who due to exhaustion or wrong mode (butno baldness!) abundant hair fall out.This massage is especially necessary for people, and they must do it more vigorously.

Good to combine massage with medicinal concoctions herbs and other nutrients.In this case, they are mutually reinforcing.Massage improves absorption of biologically active substances contained in these formulations, and therefore, is more useful.Therefore, before proceeding to the massage, put on the head of the tool that you chose.

normal duration of a head massage - 10-15 minutes.

Its recommended to wash or during not more than twice a week.Doing massage after washing is possible, but not desirable, as this is enhanced by the selection of fat.However, this applies only to those who have oily hair or prone to fat.

fact is that massage if it is carried out after washing the hair, is more efficient due to the greater assimilation of drugs that make up the means that you use.

And therefore, you can experiment: Only experience will help to determine what is best for you.