Deodorants and antiperspirants

Daily use deodorant - one of the hygiene procedures.As a rule, there are two types of such cosmetics.

first of them - antiperspirant agents, which is contracted through action, suspend active sweat glands and significantly reduce the amount of perspiration.

Another group actually belong deodorants - preparations containing means stops the growth of bacteria and weaken the odor without reducing perspiration.

good deodorant must perform both of these functions.However, given some people hypersensitive to the tightening means, often produced products, which have only a bacteriostatic effect.Deodorants are designed for intimate hygiene also contain tightening means.

as tightening agents used in deodorants aluminum salts.Previously used for these purposes strongly acidic salts such as chloride and sulfate and alum.

Currently, however, they were replaced by drugs that have no irritating action.These include primarily the alkali aluminum chloride (chlorohydrol), its complexes with organic compounds - prop

ylene glycol, allantoin and others.In addition, the deodorant composition often includes, depending on its shape, alcohol, fats, emulsifiers, soaps, glycerol, glycol and sorbitol.

most commonly used form of deodorant - aerosol formulations, solid and clear liquids and emulsions for use in dispensing packages of the ball.Moreover, deodorizing produced creams, gels and powders.

Most manufactured deodorants different tang.This is probably due to the particular tradition than because of the obvious need, because even the best aromatic composition does not hide the unpleasant smell of sweat.

"If irritation still appeared, then you can remove it with a simple talcum powder or therapeutic"

As already mentioned, deodorant does not reduce sweating, and used to eliminate the smell of sweat due to the elements, suspend the growth of bacteria that provoke odor.

Besides, they include aromatic substances, so the smell of deodorant is usually more pronounced than antiperspirants.The effect of aerosol, roller pencils and drugs stored in the daily average.

If the skin is very sensitive and easily irritable (perhaps the result of epilation), you should only use deodorants, balms and deodorant for very sensitive skin.They soothe irritation and deodorant active system of 24-hour action with a mild skin care keeps the skin's natural moisture balance.

If irritation still appeared, then you can remove it with a simple talcum powder or treatment: mix in equal proportions (a teaspoon) pharmacy borax, boric acid, and talc.The tool can be used continuously as a deodorant.

Additionally, you can use infusions: oak and willow bark, horsetail or hazel.Two tablespoons of boiling water and boil must be present.Filtered infusion regularly wipe sweating areas.This tool reduces and normalizes perspiration, relieves discomfort and prevents odor.

Parfyumrovannye deodorants combine the properties of a deodorant and eau de toilette.By neutralizing the smell of sweat, they keep the smell of your favorite perfume line.Unlike simple deodorants they have higher content of aromatics and do not irritate sensitive skin.They can be used as a toilet water - having persistent smell, everything else they do not leave stains on clothes.