Lipstick.Lip make-up rules

lipstick - is not art?They are able to all?May be.But professionals know a few tricks that are worth exploring.

What does the shape of the lips and the color?

hardly even any part of our body gives such clear signals, as our mouths.It can attract, seduce, inflate or reject.A bad mood is often expressed drooping corners of her mouth.The shape of the lips gives even individual traits, as well as the color that a woman chooses for her lipstick: red lips are in active women in romantic pink, orange and red at the extravagant and pearl - for women with success.

Alphabet exquisite makeup lips

The brighter the color of lipstick, the more carefully it must be applied.Five key steps in this direction:

• Apply a moisturizing balm, which will give lip flexibility and eliminate the peeling of the skin.

• Using a sponge grease lips tinted.Then lipstick distributed evenly and will last longer.

• Contour pencil carefully circle line lips.It is best to start with the «V» in the middle of the upper lip, and

then draws the outline to the corners.On the lower lip conduct inseparable line from the left to the right corner.In one line fails, can put close to each other point.

• The entire surface of the lips should be no paint itself lipstick and lip brush.Take the paint on the brush in small doses and uniformly distributed from the center to the corners of the lips.

• To remove excess lipstick, which otherwise would be on your teeth, you need to wet the lips of a paper napkin.If the layer of lipstick after that you think is too weak, it is possible again to tint the lips.Double application of lipstick makes lip color intense and more stable.

Why is it so important outline a pencil?

primarily because it gives lip shape and prevents lipstick unravel at the edges.If the skin around the mouth is not very smooth, it is necessary to draw the contours with special care, no matter what you will then paint the lips - lipstick, gloss or just cream.And that outlines did not look hard line, it is ground into a cotton swab.

With contour pencil can, if you want to adjust the shape of the lips slightly.Liner should be the same color as the lipstick, or a bit darker.

Lipstick lipstick discord

• Lipstick is composed of oils (eg avocado, or castor oil), mastic (lanolin) and dyes (as a rule, synthetic dyes).The proportions of these components determine the properties of lipstick.

• Creamy matte lipsticks have the highest percentage of dyes (about 10%), so they are well coated lips and well-kept.

• Do labial luster pigments percent share by 5-8 below, and the share of oil, respectively, above.Therefore, he is a brilliant and transparent.

• Lipsticks with pearl contain synthetic mica and a lot of lanolin.

• Options for classic lipstick - cream lip gloss and powder.

• Cream gloss gives lips gloss.It provides its first lanolin, which it contains approximately 45%.Gloss can be either colorless or colored.You can use them alone or to put it on top of her painted lips.Shine from the jar and applied to take his finger, glitter from a cartridge - an applicator.

Tips professional

- To make the painted lips nobly matt on closed lips glued tissue paper in a single layer and powdered profusely over it.Napkin acts like a sieve: it skips as much powder as you want to make a matte lipstick and fix it.

- Who does not want the lipstick left traces (not only on the cheeks of men, but in the cups, plates and napkins), must lipstick contour pencil, lip powder or skim lipstick, which is also on top of another and powder oneself.

- If you have a round face, you better not be drawn curved contours of the lips, you should prefer straight, clear lines.Narrow and thin face, on the contrary, it seems more feminine, if lips are well dyed and shine.

- Lipstick looks like powder eye shadow and apply as well as the shadows, foam applicator.Lipstick powder contains almost no fat, so it is quite a long time kept on the lips, but as a means of hygiene is not as good.For very dry lips is better to abandon the lipstick or powder before applying it to use soothing balm.

- Liner is compressed into a rod of a lipstick with a high content of the colorant.It is about the same hardness as the lead for the Kaya, and can be sharpened.

- In the production of mixed oil lipstick, powder dyes and melted mastic is poured into the mold after cooling and is inserted into the sleeve.All components of the substance are subject to the provisions of lipstick cosmetic laws that only substances that have passed the test can be used.For example, the dye eosin, previously used in lipstick, is now forbidden due to the presence of toxic heavy metals.

Oils and binders used in the manufacture of lipstick, are natural raw materials without the use of chemicals.Lipstick weighs usually 5 grams.Who lipstick three times a day, "eats" about 16 mg daily lipstick.According to researchers, the dose may not cause any health noticeable harm.

How to find the color of lipstick?

- choice of color depends not only on the direction of fashion.It should match your color type and together.

- basic rule: when the cold light (winter sky, bluish neon light) Be careful with bluish hues, while a warm light (candle, the yellow light of incandescent lamps) be careful with orange and brown tones.

- plays a role in the choice of color and shape of the lips.Bright, shiny colors visually enhance lips, while dark downplaying them.

- And one more thing: If your teeth have naturally yellowish tint, they seem yellower still between his lips, painted in brown or yellowish-red color.Therefore, in this case, better to choose is not very dark bluish red shades.

- Who decided on a strong eye makeup, lip tint should rather restrained.Conversely, if the lips are of a bright red color signal, the eye cosmetics should be muted.Underline the lips and the eyes with the same force looks unnatural.

- Lip makeup with a strong pearlescent can recommend it only for smooth lips with no wrinkles on the edges, because the pearl emphasizes all the defects, whereas light oily sheen, on the other hand, smooths them.Also with a strong tan pearl lipstick makes a person too rigid and unnatural.

"We recommend: after brush your teeth, lips gently with a toothbrush promassiruyte This will make them pink and soft.."

Lip Tattoo - does it make sense?

• Make-up artists and beauticians some practice this technique, which for a long time gives the contours of the lips and saves the daily tinting.

plant pigments are introduced into the skin tattooing.This operation is justified above all in those cases when the lips are deprived of clear contour "razlohmacheny".But this procedure is painful and not cheap.That it ended in success, it is better to turn to an expert.The color of the lips and a tattooed loop so should be in harmony with each other, and not made up her lips to look natural.

What to do with the appearance of wrinkles in the lips?

• Over the years, they appear at all, since this part of the face is in constant motion.Prevention can here serve as a regular relaxing facial muscles.

But if the wrinkles have already appeared, there are three possibilities a little to smooth them. Chemical cleaning (stripping of) the skin, when the upper layers of the skin and wrinkles are removed demolished.A similar but more dramatic effect produces mechanical reduction should .By subcutaneous injection of collagen filled space.None of these methods are not without risk and none has enough long-acting.The only important thing - no matter which method you choose - to turn to a specialist.Typically, this dermatologist.

• lipstick looks good only on smooth lips.If the sun, cold, hot air or illness did your lips rough, it is necessary to lubricate them with honey or apply hygienic lipstick.Do not lick the rough lips, which further dries them.Who still wants to make up chapped lips, it is best to take a colored lip gloss or lipstick that contains moisturizing substances.Important: The lips are prone to peeling, it is necessary to protect the sun light protection lipstick and cold cream liberally lubricated.