How to choose and use sunscreen

All sunscreens differ in the degree of skin protection from ultraviolet rays of the spectrum A (UVA) and B (UVB).Abbreviation SPF (Sun Protective Factor) represents a sun protection factor.

Typically, the degree of protection factor ranging from 2 to 30 SPF.The higher it is, the longer you can sunbathe without damage to health.If you multiply the rate of protection for 15-20 minutes, you get the recommended time of exposure to the sun while using this tool.

However, scientists are increasingly inclined to the conclusion that no one (even the most high-quality and expensive) sunscreen may not fully protect against the negative effects of UV rays.Nevertheless, sunscreens - creams, lotions, sprays, etc. -.. Is applied to the skin.The main thing - to choose the right tool correctly.

drugs selected depending on the skin's natural swarthiness:

• funds with an SPF of between 2 and 4 - for people with dark by nature, or already tanned skin

• tools with SPF 5 to 10 - suitable for those who tan quickly and

without burns, as well as those who tans for several days

• funds with an SPF of 11 to 30 (high protection) - for people with pale or very sensitive skin and for children.

most reliable protection from harmful rays - a cream for sunburn filter.Look for the mark UVA - UVB on the tube: these letters mean that the cream protects against the ultraviolet rays of both types.

If you spend a holiday in hot countries, the first four days (if you have normal skin) should be protected with a cream factor 20. As the sun exposure can weaken the defense - to 7. Save on factors, buying a bottle instead of a few, youfail: three layers by a factor of 10 will have no effect on the 30!So do not be fooled!

If Canaries for you - an impossible dream, and you usually get a rest somewhere in central or southern Russia, you enough affordable domestic creams - with a protection factor of 2 to 6.

Note that the protective composition begins to act not immediately.To avoid burns, apply the cream on the skin for 20 to 30 minutes before going to the beach.If the instruction is written, that the cream is water resistant, it does not mean that a layer of cream is enough for a beach day - have upgrade protection after every two or three baths.Also, keep in mind that the cream layer washed sand grains and a towel, and the usual cream and completely washed away with the first dive.

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