Massage and exercises for hands

Hands - the first thing that gives the woman's age.But not only age the skin years.Homework, household chemicals, cold, sun, water, wind ... Our skin has many enemies.However, it is possible to cope with them.

Hand Massage

Hand Massage is one of the stages of "salon" manicure, but it can be done in the home.Massage is good for the muscles, ligaments, fingers, hands and forearms, improves blood circulation, promotes the enrichment of oxygen to tissues.

Special massage oil hand does not exist, so you can use one that has a face or body.Hard criteria for massage means no hand - the hand is not as whimsical as our face.For massage you can also use a nourishing hand cream.

hand massage technique consists of several stages.

1. Gently tap spend stroking movements from the fingertips to the elbow joint (4 - 5 times).

2. Triturate fingers from first to fifth, then brush, wrist and forearm (2-3).

3. Kneading is carried out second, third and fourth fingers of the right hand along the same lines as the pr

evious motion (2-3).

4. Ends stroking massage, as well as in the first movement.

Gymnastics for

hands on the inner and outer surfaces of the hands are placed various reflex points.Acting on them, it can be a lot to improve their health.Every day, putting cream, try massaging hands.Rubs and kneading movements slowly moves away from the nail to the base of the finger.Then, in the same direction as the brush rub the rear surface to the wrist and hand.Finish massage gently stroking the entire hand.From joint pain to help energetic gymnastics.It removes fatigue, edema.

- Make a fist, then uncompress and vygnite them back.Repeat 10 times.

- Spin the hands clockwise and counter-clockwise.Repeat 20 times.

- Weave your fingers into the lock, firmly squeeze, then unclench.Repeat 10 times.

- Raise and lower the free hands.Repeat 10 times.

and watch your diet.If your diet is poor in vitamins A, E and B group, the nails begin to break down and the skin cracks.