Color harmony

under the color harmony should be understood tasteful combination of colors and their compatibility and consistency of appearance and character of women.Harmony is the result of competent approach to the choice of dress, hairstyle and the right (corresponding to certain conditions) makeup.

There can be no uniform rules on the creation of a harmonious way: choice of colors, combining them, emphasizing the individual parts and color highlighting - it all depends on your artistic taste.But if you know the principles of compatibility of colors, you will be easier to achieve the desired (good) effect.

order to make-up was harmonious, it should not be a meaningless color patches and lurid color combinations.There are some guidelines that should be strictly followed to achieve the best effect.

However, the image creation process can not be the same for all, since it depends on many factors: the type of physical appearance, age, personal preferences, as well as the make-up purposes and external circumstances


"harmonious color combination is achieved by combining the conscious adherence to the rules and color additions, as well as under the influence of personal tastes and preferences."

There are rules that facilitate the implementation of makeup, but the choice of colors and cosmetics - your own business.The main thing that all the colors on your face looking natural and consistent with your image, character, lifestyle and demeanor.Only then will make can be called harmonious.

combine colors to each other must be carefully: the right to be himself the selection of colors and their number.For example, small green patterns on a red background will look unpleasant, whereas the red pattern on green - a good option.Also to be combined neatly orange with blue and yellow with purple.Composing color compositions, refer, first of all, taste and common sense.

too sharp contrasts to be "mute" a black or white border or "calm" neutral gray.In practical application, this means that if your outfit is built on a combination of bright colors, not "customize" under his make-up - follow him in calm, neutral tones.Of course, it should be maintained, respectively, in warm or cold colors (depending on your clothes).In this case, your face will look natural and will not be lost on the general background.

If you do not like sharp contrasts, the "soften" outfit shades of the selected color scheme you.For example, a yellow-purple in addition, you can add lemon or pale light violet color.In any case, the colors must necessarily be designed in the same key.

combining colors with each other, remember that rich, dark colors can be "diluted" light and cold - warm.

interesting effect arises from the combination of different colors "brightness": in the vicinity of the boiling white green seems very bright and saturated, blue - very deep, and yellow shines like the sun.Next to the black blue fades and loses its richness, and blue, green and orange, on the contrary, are particularly sound and look spectacular.

Black goes with almost all colors and bright colors often combined with white and gray.Creating a trendy makeup, remember this.

can, by the way, combining white, black and gray color with each other: there are even a few of these trends in make-up - graphic style, as well as the well-known "domino".

Also, there are some color combinations that do not look close, but make a good impression at a distance.These are the following combinations: white on a blue background, black - white, yellow - black, black - on an orange and an orange - black, white - a red, red - on a yellow, green - white, red - on a green.

Using makeup similar combinations, remember that it's not everyday, but rather a stage version.For example, a bright yellow spot in the outer corners of the eyes with black pencil Summing with step distances will look ridiculous.However, from a distance they can produce a memorable effect when combined with dress and applied professionally, competently.

So harmonious color combination is achieved by combining the conscious adherence to the rules and color additions, as well as under the influence of personal tastes and preferences.Well, if you have developed artistic taste: in this case, you can independently develop their own style of make-up and follow him.If you can not rely on yourself in this matter, you can always turn to make-up artist, and then follow its recommendations.