Rules of etiquette .How to choose the right foundation

Foundations are good not only that give the face a smooth, velvety tone, with their help, you can actually adjust the shape of the face, making it close to the classic oval.

If the face is round or square, put a corner sponge foundation to the tone darker than the main, by projecting the lines of the cheeks in the form of two thin vertical strips.Blend them with a sponge movements towards the center to fill creams space between the lines.

If an oval face, you can highlight its spectacular form.To do this, draw a triangle using a sponge to a tone darker than the main means.First draw a line under each cheekbone toward the top of the ear (from it at the middle of the eye), from the same point, draw a second - down to the earlobe.Form a triangle and carefully blend the line towards the middle.

triangular face can be approximated in the form of an oval, if the cause is the same triangle, but lighter shade.

«Hide" very prominent cheekbones will the same as the triangle correction.Only in this case it ext

ends in the direction from the middle of the temple cheek.

How to choose a good foundation?Choose foundation - not an easy task. First , he must perfectly match the color of the skin, which in turn depends on the type of pigmentation - pink and red reflecting the blood circulation in the vessels of the skin, or yellow-brown, reflecting the level of melanin.

Those who prevails pink-red pigment recommended creams with a pink tinge.A "warm" yellowish-brown type with a suitable means of golden-yellow hue.To test the color cream is applied to the inner side of the wrist (about thumb) on the cheek.

Second , concealer should be selected according to the skin type.If it is dry, fit a cream with moisturizing components.The texture of these funds is a fluid-fluid and comfortably-thick, so the layer is thin, do not "overload" the skin and not break into fine lines.But when it is not necessary to use this type of matting skin creams, as they pull it from moisture.

The objective foundation for oily skin is to give a haze.Therefore, its composition is enriched with special substances, which during the day as a blotter to absorb excess sebaceous secretion.Such funds do not contain fat components, as evidenced by the inscription «Oil free» on the packaging.But it must be applied with extreme caution and a sense of proportion - or makeup will look rough, and the skin - pale.

intended tonal resources, containing not only the grease, and antiseptic ingredients for problem skin.

There are many ways of applying the foundation.You can do it with fingertips, wet or dry sponge, flat brush -Try all the options and select the most successful.What matters is that a layer of tonal resources was flat and thin.