head massage technique .Secrets of the beauty of your hair

For those lovely ladies who look after the beauty of their hair, scalp massage should be in the arsenal of methods and means of hair care products, along with a hair mask, industry and national cosmetic hair care and others. It is useful for allhair types, for stimulating blood circulation and metabolism in the scalp.Massage duration should be 15 to 20 minutes.The first step is to heat the head.Massage should begin with easy movements - as if you were stroking his head.Then the pressure force should gradually increase.Check out the massage also need light, gentle strokes of hair.

Properly executed scalp massage should include four types of basic movements: stroking, circular, pusher, vibrating.

Stroking.Massage should begin with stroking movements.

Reception held half-bent brush strokes, while his fingers lightly on the skin only.In order to facilitate the execution of massaging movements, should relax the wrist.Stroking done fingertips.

It is important that your hands, making a stroking motion, rub

bed the scalp and minimally shift it.

first phase of massage is very important, because the light stroking:

activates outflow of fluid

accelerates blood and lymph circulation

removes accumulated tension, relaxes the muscles of the head

helps cleanse the sebaceous and sweat glands

has a calming effect on the nervoussystem.

When performing this technique should not be made strong pressure on the skin, the movement should be smooth and legimi.

stroking movements can be deep, ie carried out with a noticeable pressure.Also in this case should not rub the skin, but it is possible to shift and even necessary.But such movements begin massage is not desirable because the scalp needs that it thoroughly kneaded and heated up.

vibrating movement during a massage.

Vibration - a vigorous massage appointment.She held the whole palm or fingertips.Vibration is performed using vibrational movements of brushes on one skin, gradually moving across the surface of the massaged.

Vibrating movements have oscillatory effect on the scalp.Their strength and amplitude may also be different.

Firstly, the person doing the massage, can not take your hands off the skin and provide a constant to it during implementation of these movements, continuous exposure.

Second, can be applied on the surface of the skin is not a strong staccato strokes, rhythm following one after another.

This technique improves muscle tone, a positive effect on the fabric.Most often it is used in the final stage of the massage.

circular movements.

basis of massage of the scalp are circular movements.They should not be moving.To avoid rubbing your scalp, you must first press down lightly to her skull, then a slight movement to move aside.

palms should be bent.Slightly apart fingers tightly in contact with the skin surface.At the same time the thumb is a kind of support, and massage are all the others.

not need to strive to get your fingers moving with large amplitude, better promassirovat one place, and then rearrange your fingers on the other place.

Such massage brings the most benefit.

pusher movement.

This so-called shock vibration methods - tapping and effleurage, which are used to soften the skin.The effectiveness of massage when they are used is significantly increased, but the use of these techniques should be with great caution.

Hand position when the pusher movement is the same as in the previous case.The difference lies only in the nature of the movements.Effleurage must be carried out with fingertips at certain intervals and be a movement in the form of individual repetitive shocks.

Preferably after each push to move the fingers on another place, or moving the hand, or by changing the distance between the fingers.

Tapping is made more tough and jerky.

pusher movement, as well as vibrating, are used in the middle of a massage, because of their vigor.

This technique normal activity of the central nervous system, stabilize the nutritional and metabolic processes in the massaged area, increases muscle tone.