Effleurage - method of self-massage of the face

In this method of self-massage is dominated by the reception tapping: it improves blood circulation in the skin and has a reflex deystvie.Tehnika tapping is simple: four fingers straightened fingers of both hands at the same time produce tapotement skin.Right-handed Tapping the right side of his face, the left - the left half.

under his eyes tapotement make pads of the third, fourth and fifth toes, but not all at once, and each in turn.Thus, finger strokes followed quickly one after another.

submandibular area is recommended to massage pat the back of the fingers.Patting start with the left hand from right to left, then his right hand from left to right, repeating this motion several times.

Double chin is very user-friendly pat with a towel or tissue, for that towel or cloth moistened with water, wring out, fold in half and hold the ends of the pulling, then relaxing it.Repeated pulling towels and consistent relaxing effleurage produces it on the chin, which has a more profound effect than effleurage


self-massage should be done systematically.If tapotement underperforms, it is recommended to add some stroking movements:

1. Stroking his forehead - the tips of the third and fourth fingers stroking his forehead in the direction of the eyebrows and scalp.With his right hand stroking the right half of the forehead, the left - the left.Stroking is repeated 10 times.

2. Stroking the upper part of the cheeks - with his second and third fingers produce light stroking in the direction of the back of the nose to the temporal areas, the movement is repeated 10 times.

3. Stroking the middle of the cheeks - made the palmar surface of the second and third fingers from the middle of the upper lip in the direction of ushnomu hole movement is repeated 10 times.

4. Stroking the bottom of the cheeks and chin - stroking that part of the person is carried out in two ways: the palmar surface of the fingers and back.

palmar surface of the fingers is easy to stroke from the middle of the chin to the ear lobe.

dorsum of the four fingers of both hands from the middle of the chin, beneath and to the sides - towards the ears.

These movements are desirable prodelyvat daily or, in extreme cases, every second day, while applying day or night cream.

Self Massage Technique is extremely simple, easy to use, accessible and does not require large expenditures of time and money.

combination of gymnastics facial muscles with self-massage can satisfactorily replace hygiene massage.

Gymnastics mimic muscles of the face is made up of the next set of exercises.

1. Tightly close your eyes, pause, count to three, then wide-eyed pause.Repeat 5 times.

2. Tightly close and wide open eyes and holding at the outer corners of the eyes circular muscle of the eye with the index and middle fingers.Repeat 5 times.

3. Head to keep straight, slowly rolling his eyes in a circle, first left, then right.Repeat 5 times.

4. Inhale through the nose, greatly expanding the wings of the nose, exhale through the mouth - "straw".Repeat 5 times.

5. The teeth are closed, breath through your mouth, exhale through the mouth, puffing out his cheeks.Repeat 5 times.