Bespectacled about makeup

bespectacled moan that disfigure the appearance of glasses!Sometimes they are so matched in style, shape, color combination that not only do not spoil, but also decorate.The main thing, from the variety of models to choose one that will adorn you.And, of course, you need to use makeup properly.

choosing glasses, be sure to pay attention to the shape of the rim in combination with the shape of your face.If a person with a broad triangular lower part, you'll like the rim of a rectangular shape.If, on the contrary, the lower part of the face is much narrower top, you should choose an oval frame.

chubby women suit sunglasses in the form of a trapezoid, and if you have a square face shape - it is better to buy a round glasses.With the oval shape of the face and regular features, you can not afford any frame.By the way, glasses can adjust the shape of the nose, and if wearing them in the middle of the nose, it is visually reduce the length of the nose.

It is important to apply makeup for glasses, it is not

necessary to choose the shade to match the color to the rim, but you need to pay attention to the mascara.Eyelashes to do volume and fluffy.

to the rim of blue shades, or a thin metal gray suit, purple, silver color.K gold frame are natural colors - brown and beige.For horny points is also better to choose the shade and contour pencils of warm colors.

vision glasses visually distort the size of the eye, and this must be considered when the make-up.So glasses with minus diopters visually reduce the eye, so make the task - to increase them and make it more expressive.

For this purpose, the upper eyelid applied bright matte or shimmery shade and close to the eyebrows - darker.Good move blend and always nakraste eyelashes black or dark brown mascara.The outer corner of the eye, emphasize dark pencil.More makeup artists recommend to put around your eyes a little blush, starting from the place where the frame adjacent to the cheeks and gradually rising to the eyebrows.

But, so it seems diopters of plus points to visually enhance the eyes, the eyes are close together.Doing make-up, try to visually enlarge the distance between the eyes.On the inner corners of the eyes, apply light shade, as you get closer to the outer corners of their color should become more intense.The external corners of the eyes underline the dark shadows and outline with a pencil.Apply mascara on the lashes just closer to the outer eyelid.In this make-up you need to be very careful, because the plus-lenses enhance and accentuate all make errors.Therefore, if you are in a hurry, it is better to confine light makeup.