What's in the composition of cosmetic products ?

Sometimes, entering the cosmetics shop, there is enough of all kinds of jars and tubes we have is staggering and confusing.What choose to, at least, do not hurt yourself.

Let's see, what do we need all this diversity.If you know the purpose of their basic components, how they work and for what purpose, then you can safely choose what you need.

Today every facility for skin care is sold only with details.You sure gets in the eye abbreviation AGK , signifying alpha-hydroxide acids, which are sometimes simply called fruit acids, as they are mainly extracted from the fruit.Products that contain AHA, much better scrubs remove dead cells and regenerate the skin.But it is important not to overload the skin of these acids, especially if it is a young and sensitive.Read the composition of funds, do not use more than one day in products containing AHAs agent, as excessive use of them will only hurt your skin.

Antioxidants .Scientific research in the field of cosmetology has shown that antioxidants can protec

t the skin effectively, being in the composition of cosmetic products.They not only protect the skin, but also enhance the effects of other nutrients included in the product.Buy cosmetics with antioxidants should be such that you will not wash: moisturizing and nourishing creams, lotions, sunscreen, etc., ie, something that will be absorbed into the skin.....

Collagen .At the time, the substance introduced into the cosmetics, make revolution.But, unfortunately, the collagen in their structure is not able to penetrate into the lower layers of the skin, and there you need it most.However, its effect on the epidermis intense enough Collagen gives elasticity and healthy appearance, especially aging and aging skin.

"The desire to be attractive woman forever, it does not depend on her age or the time of year. Let the care of their appearance brings you pleasure and joy."

Herbal extracts .In many modern cosmetic lines used extracts of medicinal plants and traditional medicine recipes.Plant extracts have a miraculous properties to improve skin.Experts in the field of cosmetics has long been recognized that science is studied only a quarter of the plants, which are in folk cosmetics.One of the latest discoveries in nutrition and cosmetology became green tea.He was one of the most powerful antioxidants, it helps to regenerate skin and improves complexion.

course, extracts extracted from plants by industrial methods, produce a beautiful effect, but sometimes medical infusions, home-cooked, or plain fruit or vegetable juice, applied as a mask, may also give an excellent result.

Seafood .In marine waters grow a great many different algae.Seaweed and other "gifts" from Neptune, such as marine and mineral salts of calcium, are one of the most modern and effective components in cosmetic products.

miraculous effect of sea components is quite understandable, because in its composition sea water almost a hundred percent the same as the liquid in our body fluids.Today the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlife products are widely used in many facilities for body care.But there is one limitation: Some people have an allergic reaction, so you first need to make sure that such cosmetics is right for you, and then just start to use it.

women desire to be attractive forever, it does not depend on her age or the time of year.Let care about their appearance brings you pleasure and joy.A cosmetic products for personal care you can buy in our store for the "wild" housewives in the "cosmetics".