Makeup Lessons .lip Makeup

you remember the Greek myth of Paris, who decided the dispute between the goddesses Hero, Athena and Aphrodite, who are more worthy of the golden apple with the word "beautiful" in favor of Aphrodite?Ceteris paribus she outwitted all, using a lipstick.

Indeed, the lipstick changes the face, giving it a special attraction.But only use a good lipstick, which can be easily applied to the lips and sharp falls.If lips peel, any lipstick on them will look disgusting: to slide into lumps remain cracks.Keep lips in order.

Before applying lipstick, draw a contour of the lips with a pencil, but not a solid line, and small shtrishkami - this will make the path smoother.Color pencil should be precisely such as lipstick, or slightly darker.

Lipstick is better to stay on the lips if they are pre-powdered.Apply lipstick with a brush is better: it does not stretch the skin, does not deform the contour of the lips and lipstick goes a lot smoother.Brush should be flat end to lipstick stain all folds.With a brush, you

can also mix different shades of lipstick.

To make lips sensual, over lipstick in the center put a little shine and blend it.Lip Gloss creates the effect of wet lips.Due to moist enough oily shine formula effectively caring for the lips.

Lip Makeup can provide you with practical benefits.The fact that the shape of the lips, you can learn a lot about a person.

Lips heart-shaped usually people active, capable of addressing the workers, and family matters.These people are inclined to coquetry and jokes easily addicted, but are not very faithfully.

thin lips - a sign of closure and some anger, obstinacy and suspicion.However, winning the confidence of a man can be in all rely on it.

Inverted lips - people who are not characterized by imagination, they are conservative and are baffled by the difficulties.

protruding lower lip is characterized by selfish and capricious.

enlarged upper lip indicates overconfidence.These people are convinced of their own superiority over others.