Makeup Lessons : Tips professionals

Makeup Art - is not a dogma, and creativity.We offer you some advice, make-up professionals.We hope that they will be useful, especially since a lot of options.

• Use a concealer two shades.On the forehead, bridge of the nose and around the eyes, apply a lighter tone, and on the cheekbones, nose, wings, chin - a little darker.The person will appear without make-up.If you want to achieve even more natural results, apply a tone closer to the middle of the cheeks, and blush - on the chin.I hope you remember that a masking pencil for dark circles under the eyes is applied after the foundation and should be lighter.

• Apply blush on the "smile line" and is shaded up - it's visually brightens dark circles under the eyes, and stresses the eye color.

• To make better use of the morning cold blush pink color, which should be almost invisible.

• A bit of blush just under the eyebrow in the inner corner of the eye will add freshness to your makeup.

• If eyebrows plucked strongly, make tattoo in the shape of t

he hair, but do not "draw" with a pencil.

• You can lighten eyebrows on 2-3 pitch to easily adjust their shades of brown or bronze (but not Black!) Shades, and then give them a natural shape with the help of a fixing gel colorless.

• Make-up can be fixed by wiping the face of fresh ice cubes fast circular motion.Make sure that the ice has melted, then make-up gain the ease and lipstick on your lips will remain longer.

• It is not recommended to use eye shadow inside the lash line.

• If the upper eyelid puffy, put on him a little bit of dark shadows.

• Blue circles under the eyes helps to hide the thin layer of lipstick bright carrot color without nacre, which is covered with a white top and pencil masking tone.

• Instead of blush can use dark powder, and sometimes dull dark shadows.In daylight blush makeup should not be evident, only a slight patina.Evening blush - a great way to adjust the face, so use a neutral (brown) tone.

• For evening makeup perfect glitter, pearl, rich vibrant color makeup, but it must be combined with the general tone of the face, the color of nail polish and clothes.

• In the evening make-up, you can use colored varnishes or hair mascara, for example, thin strands of purple in her hair successfully complement the makeup, made in shades of purple, reddish - red.

• mascara should be chosen depending on what effect you want to achieve: to lengthen or thicken eyelashes, good, now it is sold very different.

• eyelashes need to paint from the root in different directions: bottom, top, close to the ear, and then - to the nose.

• No need to paint eyelashes in several stages, waiting for them to dry, multiple staining lead to the fact that you will be unnatural shaggy eyelashes.

• Pay particular attention to the extreme lashes, they definitely need to paint."Internal" eyelashes (closest to the nose), make the eyes more expressive, "external" - extend them.

• Lower cilia need to paint at least one light touch.

• Do not be afraid of waterproof mascara: in extreme situations it can be very useful.

• According to some make-up, make-up should begin with the lips, because their color determines the choice of the rest. '

• For daytime make-up circuit for the eyes should be (categorically!) Only brown or gray pencil, not blue, green, etc.

• Shadows should be a maximum of three colors, in harmony in color, as it "flows" from one to another.

• Completion makeup - powder, blush.