Cellulite - no!

Fight cellulite can not only complex and expensive procedures - vacuum massage, ultrasound, microcurrent and elektrolipoliz.Since cellulite can be overcome and the usual home remedies.Perhaps the most effective means to combat cellulite, according to experts, are considered aromatherapy, dry massage and anti-cellulite body wraps, of course, in conjunction with diet and physical exercise.

• From the diet at the time of the struggle against "orange peel" will exclude the following products: fat meat and poultry, the food with the addition of dyes or preservatives, food additives or sweeteners, as well as give up cola (Other soft drinks), alcohol,coffee, sweets.

Enter in the diet more fresh raw fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish (low-fat varieties), seafood, whole grain bread, and drink at least two liters of a natural or non-carbonated mineral water.Be sure to take supplements, which contain lecithin, vitamin E, and brown algae.Buy at the pharmacy dried laminaria (kelp) and add to the food inste

ad of salt, pre-chopped her.

• Every day in the morning poured cold shower while rubbing body rough terry mitten.This procedure improves blood circulation in areas of cellulite accumulation, and, as we know, it is congestion contribute to the emergence of this problem.After showering, apply anti-cellulite cream, which is composed of sea salts, algae extracts and marine animals, lavender.If these creams you do not add your nourishing cream for body crushed into powder sea salt, dried laminaria (kelp) and lavender oil (5 drops per 30 ml of cream) Stir until smooth.

• Good impact on the accumulation of bath cellulite sea salt Fill the bath with hot water (38 ° C or higher, only if you do not have problems with the cardiovascular system, you are not pregnant and do not suffer from varicose veins or thrombophlebitis), add 1kg of sea salt and dive into the water so that the area of ​​the heart towered above the water.Take a bath every other day for 10 minutes before bedtime.Then be sure to apply anti-cellulite gels or creams.Good to combine with a cold shower bath, aromatherapy or massage dry.It is also possible to vary the bath, once with marine extracts, the other - with essential oils.

• The following oils are perfect for aromatic baths:

- Mix three drops of juniper oil, a drop of lavender, sage, geranium and rosemary

- two drops of lemon oil, connect with four drops of rosemary and six drops of thyme

- addwater, two drops of cypress oil, lemon, sage, cedar and eucalyptus.

• Experts many beauty salons, promoting SPA, recommend the following two recipes you can use at home:

- dissolve in the bath (38 ° C) 40 g chopped seaweed and 100 g of sea salt.Soak in a bath for 20 minutes.Not rinsing, throw with a bathrobe or wrap it in a sheet.Relax for 20 minutes and only then take a cool shower, rub anti-cellulite cream

- one of the most affordable, and most importantly, the existing methods of cellulite prevention, - bath with essential oils of lemon.First, the shower thoroughly rub the problem areas massage glove or rough washcloth to light redness, then dissolve in the bath kg of sea salt and add 5-6 drops of lemon oil.Take a bath for 20 minutes, then rub anti-cellulite cream or gel or lotion.