Natural make-up for blondes

Nature endowed blondes main advantage - the tenderness and touching feature.On the one hand - it's great: in any situation and any company golden-haired beauty does not remain without attention.

And on the other - the problem of the correct make-up, make it not so easy.The main thing - do not make it vulgar, maintain cleanliness in appearance, given by nature.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the color "blonde" has a huge number of tones and semitones and shades.There are four basic tones of blonde: ashy, light brown, dark brown and classic wheat.Accordingly, select cosmetics makeup blondes should be primarily based hair colors.

main recommendations blondes

main recommendation makeup artists blondes - natural in appearance and tenderness, give preference to neutral shades in cosmetics.Natural make-up looks very elegant, both day and night.In the evening variant can be, perhaps, a few strokes to add a little brightness.

Let's get started.The main task of the natural makeup of blondes - to hide

the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of appearance - their inherent porcelain skin and a fresh glow on his face.

tone skin

Basis under make-up - foundation - should ideally be combined with a natural shade of skin, have a light texture, has a moisturizing effect.Apply foundation correctly - dot on the forehead, nose and chin, and then light pat evenly foundation all over the face.Basis and can also be applied via sponge, brush.

Loose powder on top of the foundations give facial skin silky and matte.

too, is not so simple with ruddy.On the one hand, blush should be chosen to match to the lipstick, but on the other - to make up for blondes are used, basically, only three shades of blush: peach, pale pink, and brown.

Peach blush suit owners of light skin with freckles, brown - blonde woman with brown eyes and dark Koji face, well, light pink blush (and coral shades) are recommended to girls with light, as if porcelain or marble, leather.In the evening you can use a variant blush with light reflecting particles.They will give your skin a magical glow.These are recommendations.

Eye Makeup Getting eyes.Blonde Eye makeup starts with eyebrows usually have blonde eyebrows blonde and almost imperceptible.To distinguish them, use a pencil or eye shadow.But do not forget the rule: that eyebrow color should be a single tone, or no more than a tone darker than the hair roots.Then it will look harmonious.In the absence of natural make-up blonde shades at all, or use a matte shadow with a transparent, barely a heavy texture.

Focus on the eyes using a thick black arrows and black ink only will weight makeup.Try this option.On the inner corners of the eyes, apply a bit of a corrector of light tone, the entire eyelid cover beige or shades of cream color, brown or gray (not black) pencil stroll along the lines of growth of the upper eyelashes and along the line of the eyebrows and lower lash line walk light (white) shadowsso my eyes will look more expressive and attractive.Ink use brown tones, she successfully accentuate your naturalness.The evening will also form appropriate light-beige shades of shadows and cosmetics with slight flickering effect, this effect will give the look of mystery and light glow.

Lip Makeup

Lips should always be sensible, and, most importantly, well-groomed.This will help us to select the appropriate cosmetics.For a natural make-up the best solution is to use a clear lip gloss fruit shades.Do not make a loop in the makeup lip - in a natural day make-up, it looks rough, sloppy and inappropriate.A lipstick choose only natural beige tones.

naturalness is always in fashion, which means that natural makeup for a natural blonde will always be relevant.