Aromatherapy for you.Fragrant talismans Zodiac signs (end)


Everywhere Sagittarius will be useful to carry cedar nut .This talisman support in difficult times, will help to tie the right knowledge, to win, will give you the charm and confidence.Drop aromamasla on the wrist - a good way to permanently detain friend (or girlfriend), arouse the interest of the wife, with whom he has for years.Also - cedar needles - the protection and security of your home.A few pine branches hang in a prominent place in the entrance hall, kitchen, living room, and happiness will not leave your home.


resistant, practical, and sometimes - eccentric Capricorn sometimes lack the ability to switch and looseness.It happens that the past plays too large a role in the present life and interferes seriously think about a bright future.All of your best qualities of all cherished desires will support and turn into reality the little mascot - horn impregnated aromatic oils of ylang-ylang .He - a pledge of spiritual firmness in the path to the target.A drop of oil

in a small pendant help return the location of friends and family, and the fragrance of ylang-ylang on a date with your favorite (favorite) - and everything will be exactly as you imagined in my wildest fantasies.More help aromatherapy.


inventive and optimistic, easy-going, active Aquarians seem sometimes "perpetual motion."They take a lot of themselves and are as easily and with a smile.Of course, this is not so.They, too, can be difficult and dreary at heart.Where to take power?Talisman may be any twigs of hazel.Bandage them criss-cross red ribbon and place in your home where you see fit.This symbol imperceptibly give you mental strength, cure, get rid of loneliness.To attract good luck and attention, and the right person can be using the aroma oils of juniper .A few drops on a handkerchief - a good remedy for insomnia, and the scent of juniper - a reason for rapprochement nice quiet evening.


Get rid of unconscious fears, increase confidence, charm, to find spiritual harmony Fish can using incense .Let the scent of someone closely associated with the prim atmosphere of worship, not a place where emotions.For Pisces magic spell incense - a source of positive emotions, strength and inspiration.After weighing all and determine who is who, you will already be not so cold, and all your desires will be fulfilled - at one time.