Types of massage .Women's beauty secrets and wellness

Earlier in the magazine we wrote about the benefits of massage of the head and describe the basic techniques.This time we want to offer you to get acquainted with some of the specific embodiments of the head massage. main massage .

1. Gradually, not very fast massaging heads in the sequence: the front part of the head above the forehead, crown, nape, whiskey.

2. Movement on hair partings from the crown to the forehead.

• To do this, divide the hair on the right or left side.

• Using a light circular movements massage the scalp along the parting line.

• When the hands come up to his forehead, do the following parting at a distance of 2-5 cm from the previous one.

• Repeat the procedure until until the entire surface of the skin of the parietal and front of the head will be processed.

3. Kneading the front of the scalp surface of the head.Produced using a circular motion.At the same time with one hand you make a circular motion, and the other at this time support behind the head.

4. Movement, similar to the one that begins the massage.Thumbs put on his head, and the rest - on the ears or just above them.In other words, the initial position of the same.However, the nature of the movements should be different: the thumbs make a circular motion and gradually move up to the crown.

nape massage to stimulate blood circulation .

• The thumbs of both hands are placed on the neck just below the hairline, the other fingers are placed either on the ears or above them - it all depends on how you prefer.

• The thumbs should touch each other, or at least within a short distance.

• From this position slowly begins to lead a thumbs up, while gently pressing on the skin surface.

• After treatment bottom neck arms move above the upper part.

• similarly treated surface and the forehead, but in this case, the thumbs are temples in area and massage is performed with the help others.

Massage, causing a rush of blood to the crown through the temporal part .

• Three or four fingers of one hand (right or left, as you wish) you drive up the blood with the help of slow motion up to your ear.

• Movement takes place to the right or left side depending on which hand you begin to massage.To stop movement is necessary when your fingers will rise slightly above the ear.

• Without releasing the fingers of one hand, you repeat the same motion with the other hand on the opposite side of the head, but do not stop moving when the hand is over the ear, and keep it up as long as the tips of the fingers do not touch the fingertips of the other hand.

• Then, without releasing the fingers of the other hand (the one that began the second movement), you repeat the movement first hand.Hand surface on the head to be discharged only after the movement of the other arm terminated.This procedure must be done several times, first with one side of the head and then the other.