Facial massage at home

Massage is undoubtedly useful to any skin type.It eliminates or reduces the seal formed after the youthful acne, scars, wrinkles, double chin, aligns oval and struggling with excessive fullness of the face.Massage has a relaxing effect, it has a positive effect in diseases of the nervous system.

time when appropriate to begin to massage the face, depending on the skin condition and age.Thus, for example, to 30 years in skin elasticity begins to decline, and subcutaneous fat becomes much pronounced.In this case, not only the massage face is desirable, even necessary.

massage duration is determined by blood pressure.Typically the duration of the massage in its various forms ranging from 10 to 15 minutes (for a person), and the total - 30-40 minutes.Facial cosmetic cream using lasts 15 minutes, the plastic talcum - 10 minutes.However, those with normal and low blood pressure, facial massage makes no more than 10 minutes as dizziness may occur.Of great importance is the number of procedures and the interv

als between them.

facial massage courses spend 2-3 times a year.Each course includes 15-20 procedures.During the course of massage is done 2-3 times a week.Between courses facial massage is carried out once every 7-10 days.

course, that there are contraindications of massage.Among them:.. And ostrovospalitelnye pustular skin lesions, abrasions and cracks on the face, etc.

Facial massage is included in the list of procedures of any beauty.But if you are not able to use the services of a professional cosmetologist, we advise you to do self-massage of the face (if you do not have a contraindication).

self-massage should be done on carefully cleaned skin.Before the procedure, it is desirable to apply a hot compress for 2-3 minutes.Compress promotes rejection horny scales, pores expands, which in turn promotes more rapid absorption of the cream.And with a steam bath or paraffin mask the skin is prepared for the massage even better.

immediately before the massage on the face cause softening cream, which is distributed with light, stroking, not shearing the skin moves from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the base of the nose kusham, from the middle of the chin to the earlobe, from the outer corner of the eye to the inside on the lower eyelid and,Conversely, the upper.Arm movements should be light, even and rhythmic, not stretching the skin and is not displaced.

Massage focuses on those areas where more reduced muscle tone, wrinkles are more pronounced.Self-massage of the face is very important for the skin.It can be done every night, when the whole body is given enough rest.The following methods of self-massage is also available.

first method

most significant movement of self-massage is effleurage: the tips of the four fingers of both hands Tapping the corresponding side of the face: the right - right, left - the left.Effleurage around the eyes is performed not all fingers at once, but consistently - so gentle tapping your fingers follow one after the other.

second movement, used for this self-massage - stroking.It is produced in the following combinations:

a) the ends of the third and fourth fingers stroked his forehead in the direction from the eyebrows to the hair.Right-handed stroke right half, left - left

b) the end of the third and second fingers is easy to stroke the upper part of the cheek in the direction of the back of the nose to the temples

in) stroke average of the cheeks palmar surface of the second and third fingers from the middle of the upper lip to ear

g) stroke lower face and chin palmar surface of the fingers of both hands in the direction from the middle of the chin to the ears.

Each movement is performed 4-5 times.

second way

"Arm movements should be light, even and rhythmic, do not stretch the skin and does not shift."

Massage begins with the forehead.Fingers of both hands about 10 times executed strokes from the middle of the forehead to the sides.Then apply vibration: the right hand of the left temple makes a wavy line across the width of the forehead.The same in the opposite direction with the left hand.This technique is repeated 3 times.

under the eyes massage is arcuate movements - stroking on the top of the cheekbone to the nose, about 6 times.

To promassirovat cheeks, mouth slightly open, as if to pronounce the letter "o", and then produce a spiral strokes from the chin to the ears.Reception is performed about 10 times.

Nose massage strokes in the form of small bubbles from the tip of the nose to the root.Then massage in a circular motion with his thumb under the chin area, with a focus forefinger to his cheekbone.

Finally, three fingers massage the lower part of the face from the middle of the chin to the ears of light tapping.Self-massage the person continues for 5-10 minutes.

Massage with cream at home

To do massages with cream, without visiting a beauty salon, use the following guidelines.We need to prepare a soft cloth bandage or plastic cap for the head, two teaspoons, a vessel with hot water tank with warmed olive oil, nourishing mask for the face (or cooked their own yolk-honey mask), for dry skin cream face soft tonicdecoction of herbs chamomile, hypericum, lime blossom and sage.Put the oil container into the vessel with hot water to maintain the oil heat.

Tie your hair (or hide them under a cap), wipe the face tonic, make a hot compress of herbal decoction.Apply to face, neck and décolleté cream (do not forget to apply the cream, following the skin lines).Lower two spoons in the oil vessel, to remove one of them and make the temperature of the sample on the hand so as not to burn the person.Changing spoon, make sliding movement on the cream with light pressure on the skin lines v.techenie 5-10 minutes.

cream Excess wet cloth and then apply a nourishing mask.This massage is desirable to carry out in the course of 15 to 20 treatments every other day or twice a week, only two courses per year.In between courses you can also perform the massage in your spare time.