skin Nutrition

Like any living organism, the skin needs not only to drink but also food.Nourishing creams and masks are required any skin, especially dry.Some modern beauticians believe that the skin of healthy young women 20-25 years old usually do not need additional power supply.Nourishing creams can be used in this age group only in case of hypersensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays or other meteorological factors, as well as at the first signs of skin dryness.

Yet skin areas predisposed to early wilting (outer corners of the eyes, lips and the corners of the forehead), require food cream at a young age, when the active facial expression muscles often leads to their stress.

nourishing cream is used in the evening for 1 - 1.5 hours before bedtime and in the morning 30-40 minutes before going outside.Deep soaking the stratum corneum occurs within 10-20 minutes after applying the cream on the skin.So after 30 minutes of applying the cream on the skin of its excess is removed with a paper towel or cotton swab.

Do not apply the cream to the skin straight from the jar.The thick cream or chilled causes vasoconstriction, which is undesirable since it weakens the effect of the drug.Rub the cream between fingers of both hands.

"Neither in the morning, day and especially at night, apply on the skin nourishing cream with a thick layer can not be."

Nourishing Cream is better to impose on the moistened face, water contributes to more rapid penetration into the skin.Every woman should be able to properly lubricate the face cream in the morning and evening, applying the self-massage movements.With the same self-massage smooths wrinkles and correctly apply the cream with light, as if sliding movements of the fingertips in the direction of lines of skin for 3-5 minutes.

While the skin is still damp, you need to dial the three fingers of each hand, a little nourishing cream and liberally lubricate the face and neck, and then slightly Tapping the tips of the three rectified serried fingers of both hands, the right - the right half of the face, the left, respectively, the left, the followingdirections:

* from the center of the chin to the earlobe

* from the corners of the mouth to the middle ear

* from the wings of the nose to the middle ear

* from the center of the forehead to the temples

* from the inner corner of the eye over the eyebrow, returning back tostarting position.

Effleurage - the most significant movement of self-massage.We like causes the skin to have, like a naughty child.

under his eyes very lightly padded leather Tapping 3-, 4- and 5 th fingers, not all at once, but consistently, so that the fingers blows came one after another.Eyes closed, the muscles are completely relaxed.Tapping Start from the outside corner of the eye, along the lower eyelid towards the inner corner of the eye, returning to the starting position.The external corners of the eyes must try tapping intensity.

neck tapped from the collarbone up to his chin.Self-massage should end in a smooth and easy movement of the vibration - fingertip shower.If you have dry skin or wrinkles cream should be applied wet swab, and only then proceed to self-massage.

At the end of the procedure fingers fold with a spatula and push them forever, each time taking up sharply from her face.Facial massage has a beneficial effect on nerves and skin condition.Of course, self-massage on the quality does not replace professional, but acts relaxing, tonic, makes it possible to better apply the cream, provided that everything is done correctly.

skin areas on the upper lip or chin, if there are growing coarse hair, nourishing cream is not lubricated.

After 30-40 minutes after applying the cream it is removed with a cotton swab moistened with lotion mildly acidified or salt water or tea.One or two tampons pat on the face for 1-2 minutes, as if driving a cream to the skin, so that the flying spray.Then press the cotton swab and light, jerky movements remove the cream, carefully with the tip of the chin, on the contour of the face, with cheekbones, forehead bulges with slightly from the temples and sides of the neck.Then the skin is dried thoroughly, applying to him the palm (for oily skin - pressed a cotton swab moistened with lotion).

No morning or afternoon, let alone at night, be applied to the skin nourishing cream thick you can not layer, and generally talk about "night" cream correctly: if you leave the cream on the night, the water contained in the cream evaporates, formsointment, which cause prolonged vasodilation, warming the skin.There will be swelling under the eyes, skin elasticity is reduced, which can lead to redness and peeling.

Nourishing Cream is undesirable to use on a daily basis.From time to time you need to give your skin rest, as it should be breathing pores.It would be nice sometimes to devote a whole day for skin care: during the day to lubricate the face with a nourishing cream in the morning, afternoon and evening for an hour and a half, each time lifting his cold sour milk or lotion.A little later a cream applied under the eyes, on the temples, forehead and neck, and in the evening before going to bed is removed wet swab.

Do not always use the same cream for a long time, as the skin as it gets used to it and the effect is reduced.Keep in mind the time of year, a vitamin of the drug.

nourishing cream for oily skin is easy to prepare: come from 2-3 egg yolks, 100 g sour cream, 50 g of a light cologne juice of 1 lemon, all carefully mix.

cream can be prepared from herbs (juice, a strong infusion, paste) and fresh cream, and the best vegetable oil.Suitable for oily skin thin liquid oils, such as corn.It contains unsaturated fatty acids that are good for oily skin.Dry skin needs sluggish dense oils - soy, olive.The oil should be clear and bright, dark may affect the skin pigment.